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Raise High the Bolshevik Dildo

We look at own tertiary institutions and wonder how someone like Safe Schools architect Roz Ward can ever have attained such prominence. Wonder no more. Australia’s monkey-see/monkey-do universities are simply aping the debasement of once-august institutions such as America’s MIT

red robot IIHow far has academia degenerated into Left-liberal indoctrination? The once-inspiring Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) provides a case study. MIT has spawned 87 Nobel Prize winners, according to its provost.[1] They include transistor-inventor Bill Shockley (1956), who kick-started Silicon Valley. Other MIT giants include physicists Richard Feynman (1965) and Hans Bethe (1967).

Today MIT, like UCal’s Berkeley campus, is  just another hotbed of liberal  groupthink and intolerance, as the Left completes in long march through academia.

MIT Press a month ago published “Communism for Kids”, a 112-page historico-literary travesty by a person MIT describes as a scholar, Ms Bini Adamczak, 37. She “works” in junk sociology and queer-sexuality theory in Berlin. Her book is a call to arms to kids to bring back Communism, in various idealistic guises of Adamczak’s own invention. No fringe effort, the book is well-ranked on Amazon and a hot seller to librarians.[2]

I predict that our ABC will shortly swoop on Adamczak and give her rostrums galore to preach Communist idealism to Australian kids, parents and superannuated fellow-travellers. She’s tailor made as a Q&A platformer, surpassing even feminist-Muslim Yassmin Abdel-Magied.[3] Michelle Guthrie, have I earned a spotter’s fee?

MIT Press has form.[4] It remains proud of its publication in 2009 of a theft, sabotage and assassination manual called The Coming Insurrection, by an anonymous French anarcho-Left syndicate of graduates calling for “the annihilation of police forces”. Some months earlier, most of the syndicate, now known as the Tarnac 9, had been arrested by French  police, using helicopters and dogs, on charges of having sabotaged electric cables on a high-speed TGV line, disabling 160 trains.[5]

MIT describes its  author of Communism for Kids as a

social theorist and artist who “writes on the past future of revolutions”.

No, I don’t know what that means either. But wait, there’s more. As she puts it in the  book,

“The hope is that the absurdity and unnecessary brutality of capitalist society will leap out to the people of future generations, the same way that the binary gender system or flatness of the earth seems crazy to us today.”

In another must-read essay, she claims to have invented a new sexual word “circlusion” whose meaning she illustrates with the phrase, “Her dick is being circluded.” As she puts it, “O workers of the anus and the mouth, of the vagina and the hand, I say to you: be aufdringlich! [pushy].”[6] The full quote is reproduced in the footnotes below, but the following gush of po-mo prose is worth mentioning in smaller extract as both an indication of Adamczak’s mental mettle and how low MIT has fallen in lending its imprimatur to someone who produces these remarkable insights

Practically everybody has an anus, but somebody who uses theirs sexually – in conjunction with a dildo, penis or hand – becomes a bottom, a sub, somebody passive. Almost everybody can afford a strap-on or a dildo, but a person who uses one sexually, as a rule, counts as a top or a dom – as active… It’s as if making use of these parts would have disempowering effects. Maybe not if they were confronted by a tongue, but definitely so if met with a dildo…

The internet is strangely blank about Adamczak’s personal and career history,[7] but I’d bet my house that she’s never been off the taxpayers’ teat. Her self-description includes,

Bini Adamczak works (preferably not too much) as an author, performer and visual artist. Like many girls in her position, she dreams about doing something ‘real’ or ‘with her hands’ – for example, to make a revolution.”

Adamczak has no problem with doing away with capitalists, Lenin-fashion. Her book says, “The overcoming of capitalism occurs through juridicial measures and state expropriation of the capitalist class, whereby the nonproductive elements of society are removed and all human beings become workers.” Note that she exempts herself from excessive toil – see para above.

She revels in her own superiority, despising  the “petty bourgeois idea of an integrated working class pacified with homes, televisions and cars…”

The book’s co-translator is Sophie Lewis of Manchester University, whose by-line says she’s “a queer communist and sometimes politics teacher.” Lucky Manchester students! Lewis says finding a publisher in English involved more than three years and 20 rejections, until MIT Press — presumably the bottom-of-the-barrel publisher — came to the rescue with its “beautiful little red and white edition”.

Keith Windschuttle: “You can see the future prospects for the study of Western civilisation at the University of Sydney in the calibre and interests of its rising staff members.”

MIT’s Marc Lowenthal, the acquiring editor  of  Communism for Kids , thinks it hypocritical to criticise Communism without also condemning capitalism “which has brought about colonialism, imperialism, endless wars, and even fascism and national socialism.” He adds, helpfully, “I don’t personally identify as a communist.” MIT Press,  he says, would certainly not publish a book called “Fascism for Kids”, and the interviewer forgot to ask if MIT Press would do a book on Jihad for Kids. As if.

Lowenthal, an anti-Trumper, agrees Stalinism was a horror. He continues,

“But to describe communism as a ‘murderous philosophy’ is simply ignorant, and to then link it to an actual murderous philosophy like fascism is irresponsible.” (My emphasis).

He professes to be amused that people would think an MIT book titled Communism for Kids would be targeted at kids. Even the cutesy drawings are more about feminist gender-bending than kid-fodder,  he says.

This defence tops out my BS-meter. The first two-thirds of the slim volume is written in infantile prose akin to fairy tales, laying out Adamczak’s child-friendly versions of a caring Communist state. As MIT’s gorge-rising blurb says, her tale is “accompanied by illustrations of lovable little revolutionaries experiencing their political awakening… It all unfolds like a story, with jealous princesses, fancy swords, displaced peasants, mean bosses, and tired workers – not to mention a Ouija board, a talking chair, and a big pot called ‘the state.’ ”

Actually, she twice refers not to a pot but to a “potty”, apt in regard to both insanity and faeces.

For the book’s final third, Adamczak  plunges into tortuous sociological jargon about Communism’s future triumph over immiserating capitalism.

Lowenthal is able to cite her couple of milk-and-water references to Communism’s past failure. But  another book quote supposed to get her off the hook, actually puts her on the hook: “To equate Stalinism and communism is wrong, and just a way of shutting down any radical critique of capitalism.”

I waded through the 110 pages, on Quadrant readers’ behalf, marveling that any tract could be so ignorant and poorly written. Adamczak defines Communism as the system that gets rid of “all the evils people suffer today in our society under capitalism”… Under capitalism, “we have to make things – guns, for example – whether we think they’re stupid or not”.

In her idiotic model of a capitalist economy, all output is from factories, which she simplifies as making  two items – steam irons and (wait for it!) pistols. She has steam irons being made from sheet metal and (wait for it!) nails. In one of her scenarios, those who forge nails into steam irons are rewarded with movie tickets. Some workers become “hungry as hell” and are “trying to turn their irons into a stew, but that’s proving pretty pointless.”

Another of her  versions of Communism[8] involves worker-owned factories where “every morning, the people sit down together in a big circle and discuss how they want to work that day. Each person can choose what they want to do, and everyone is allowed to do everything, except there are no boss persons any more…” The autonomous workers “become much, much smarter”, unlike Adamczak.

The sales revenue goes “into a little potty” to be shared equally among the workers. If there’s not enough money, some workers mooch off to a job at the adjacent pistol factory. I have to keep pinching myself that this tripe bears the imprimatur of MIT Press.

In another Adamczak scenario, the steam iron and pistol factories become wholly automated.

“The people shout, ‘Our whole lives, we’ve been workers. From now on, we’re pleasure seekers!’ Everyone feels rich…When they open their mouths, grape juice pours directly onto their tongues, and roasted pigeons made of tofu fall from the sky…They (the workers) are almost as dumb now as they were before, under capitalism. They all grab hammers and smash everything to little pieces…”

Thereafter they pick wild berries to fend off starvation.

The purported climax of her tale has her doll-like gender-bent cartoon figures coming to life and yelling, “Stop telling our story! We decide what happens next. Because this is our story now, and we’re making history ourselves.” Yeah right, it all makes sense, not.

There follows her score of pages of pseudo-philosophical ranting, e.g.

“If communist criticism aspires to move beyond its habit of bitter negation, then it needs to add a blueprint of desire to its toolbox of analytic scalpels and rhetorical dynamite. It needs to generate desire – communist desire.” 

Her conclusion, such as it is:

“The most effective protection against the return of fascism is not to preserve the world it ostensibly fights, but to create a different [i.e. communist] world.”

One commenter on the Amazon book site writes,

“I grew up in the communism (sic) and believe me, the idea of communism will never work. This idea is based on mass murder. My family didn’t do anything against regime, and this is why they was not killed, just imprisoned and abused every day. The police break into our home every week and made a mess and break our stuff – just for fun. And this is communism.”

The above sounds authentic, but may or may not be true. Another jokes: “Will sell like hotcakes in Venezuela. They need toilet paper.” And one more commenter:

“Really diminishes the efforts of Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, Kim Il-Sung, Josip Broz Tito, Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro. But hey everybody! Let’s give it one more shot; probably won’t devolve into a murderous tyranny this time!”

Tony Thomas’ book of essays, That’s Debatable – 60 Years in Print, is available here.

[1] The correct number is actually 83, as MIT includes four purported Nobel PEACE Prize winners, and MIT’s even wrong about them. I was dumbstruck to find MIT claiming Nobel Peace status for the IPCC’s Susan Solomon and Wei Hao (“shared, Nobel Peace Prize”).  The IPCC explicitly forbids its contributors from claiming Nobel Peace Prize status.

[2] Touted as in the top ten in Amazon’s “Children’s Government Books” and in “Ideologies and Doctrines”.

[3] Doubtless, she will also be invited to roles at Melbourne University’s Sustainable Society Institute and UTS’s advanced journalism school.

[4] MIT Press says its list of published books is “based in science and technology,” and it works to publish “significant works by pioneering international authors.”

[5] The ‘terror’ element of the charges was withdrawn in 2015.

[6] This MIT Press-designated ‘scholar’ Adamczak continues,

Penetration exerts its disproportionate influence over the queer imaginary too. This is evident in contemporary mainstream porn but also in BDSM and so-called post-porn. The dildo and the penis function, almost unchallenged, as practical signs of power… Dommes/doms of all genders tend to express their affinity with the figures of the dildo, the penis, and erect fingers of the hand. Subs associate themselves with the mouth, the vagina, the anus. Sometimes the vulva or the anus. Practically everybody has an anus, but somebody who uses theirs sexually – in conjunction with a dildo, penis or hand – becomes a bottom, a sub, somebody passive. Almost everybody can afford a strap-on or a dildo, but a person who uses one sexually, as a rule, counts as a top or a dom – as active…” of a domme even appears as taboo. It’s as if making use of these parts would have disempowering effects. Maybe not if they were confronted by a tongue, but definitely so if met with a dildo…

[7] Although she wears a frock, her  baritone/bass-voice in this youtube (see, for example, at 33.40 minutes) hints towards a transgender history. If so, good luck to her.

[8] As she puts it, “Of one communism, many communisms bloom.”


  1. pgang

    Or let’s throw a rock into the air and hope that this time it won’t come back down again.

  2. ianl

    My degree is from M-I-T …

    assembled audience responds by singing the well-known kids’ tune:

    K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E

    MIT’s fall from high technical grace is genuinely, horribly distressing. As is the fall of UTS, Broadway, Sydney.

    • Jody

      I rather think the operative word here is “Broadway”.

      • ianl

        No, the precipitous drop in technical standards to those of the Arts and “Soc Science” (OMG) is what distresses me. There is a very good reason that most politicians and senior bureaucrats are Arts/Law and not Science/Maths/Engineering.

        • padraic

          I wonder what George Orwell would make of “Communism for Kids”? In “The Road to Wigan Pier” he wrote ironically and sarcastically about the loopy left academia of that period and postulated about a fictitious book produced by one of them – entitled “Marxism for Infants”. How perceptive is that?

          • Rob Brighton

            One could argue quite well I expect that Orwell’s writing ought be moved to whatever library shelves are used for omniscient writers, having re read Animal Farm and 1984 recently I found myself enlightened and depressed…..it is almost a how too

  3. pgang

    Here’s a $100k job being advertised at uni of Newcastle. Feel free to interpret into English for the benefit of the rest of us.

    “The Team Leader, Impact and Quality will develop and deliver timely, high-quality and insightful reporting and analytics to support research planning, quality assurance and decision making across key portfolio areas of the Research and Innovation Division’s operations underpinning delivery of the University’s Strategic Plan and vision for 2025.”

    • Rob Brighton

      Exactly the role my PHD laden sister in law holds at a Qld Uni. She informs me it is critical informaion and then argues for the wage gap, patriarchy and equality of results rather than equality of opportunity.

      Happily I live some 400klm away.

  4. pgang

    I think they’re looking for a statistician to do the work everyone else is too lazy to do for themselves.

  5. Real Oz

    Oh for Gawd’s sake stop it!!! My head hurts like hell.

  6. Bryce M

    I years to come it may be discovered that all the drugs this generation and the one before it are stuffing into themselves has typically caused brain damage to varying degrees. They seem to be stuck in a kind of perpetual childhood, which is very sad.

  7. LBLoveday

    Obama agrees that homosexuality is a matter of choice.

    In his book “The Making of Barack Obama”, David Garrow, who received a Pulitzer prize for a biography of Martin Luther King Jr, claims that “Obama wrote somewhat elusively” (to a girlfriend) “that he had thought about and considered gayness but ultimately decided that a same-sex relationship would be less challenging and demanding than developing one with the opposite sex”.

  8. en passant

    I am a manic (or is it maniacal?) reader. At any one time I am reading six books across a wide range of subjects which I pick up when the mood takes me. I complete about one book per week by reading roughly 200 – 250 pages. I won’t bore you with the names of any of my current ones, but four years ago I looked around at western society and (like Rob), I had an overwhelming need to revisit ’1984′ & ‘Animal Farm’. They are indeed a ‘how to’ manual for the anti-human totalitarians who infest academia. After all, deprivation (and depravity) will never invade their cocoon. That is for the little people of no account for whom they are doing all this. I withdrew from university in the third and final year of my ‘Arts’ course as it had become pointless. I was learning nothing of use, nor was I learning how to learn as I found that independent views, questioning the orthodox consensus, reading material not on the ‘approved’ list and contrarian thoughts were all treated with hostility. Pavlov would have approved of the curriculum and the drones it was designed to produce. Instead, I am far better educated than I could ever have been had I gritted my teeth and forced myself to chant the mantra of approved orthodoxy.

    As I was driving today I listened to the ‘Science Show’ Well, it was a show all right, but there was nothing scientific in the propaganda it espoused. The main ‘interviewee’ was a 15-year-old advocating the banning of meat-eating as 1kg of meat requires 15,000 litres of water and 6kg of plants to produce. In fact, having just finished a sponsored study tour our young scientist advocated that we obtain our protein not from eating sentient animals, but from the flesh of insects. As one who has lived in the bush I have hunted and killed my own food, eaten all sorts of things, including insects, snakes and the unspeakable. Having a 15-year-old diktat my diet resulted in my immediately feeling the need to rebel by pulling into a drive-thru and order a double meat and bacon burger.

    So, having read the madness Tony has identified that has taken a firm grip of our universities I feel an urgent need for the government to defund all but a tiny slice of their faculties. I suspect we would notice if the IT, medical, engineering or mathematics departments disappeared, but would I notice if gender studies, sociology, journalism, climate change and victimhood faculties never produced another unemployable graduate? Well, maybe I would as the quality of work at my local car wash might improve; but then again, probably not.