Beware, Parents, Your Kids Are Being ‘Scootled’

Tony Thomas

When I noticed that a top-tier federal-state education body is providing lesson materials for teachers, I decided to take a look. The body is Education Services Australia (ESA), a company set up by federal-state education ministers. ESA provides free supplementary online materials for teachers via 20,000-plus pages on its Scootle portal. No mickey-mouse operation, it’s all keyed precisely to the curricula and used in 2019 by some 60,000 teachers, who chalked up 2.8 million sessions involving 18.8 million page views. From 2000-09 this on-line exercise chewed up about $130 million of taxpayer money.[1] Today ESA self-supports on revenue of $40 million a year from projects and subscriptions.

Scootle is just one of many third-party inputs to schooling. More than 90 per cent of teachers and 8400 schools, for example, use online lessons supplied by the anti-capitalist green-left Cool Australia outfit (See hereherehere, here). I fully expected that Scootle materials would be part of the Leftist miasma pervading education, which is so all-encompassing that even the 50 per cent conservative-voting parents long ago ceased to notice what their kids are being taught.

In the immortal words of Victoria’s one-time education minister and premier Joan Kirner, education must be reshaped to be “part of the socialist struggle for equality, participation and social change, rather than an instrument of the capitalist system”. This was consummated in 2008 when PM Julia Gillard and her Labor premiers brought in their “Melbourne declaration”.[2] Conservative governments don’t seem to mind that schools have been converted to breeding grounds for green-minded woke warriors.

ESA is supposed to promote “improved students outcomes” and classier teachers and schools. As we know, our kids’ performance is sliding down the international league tables, despite ESA’s best efforts. So, as an amateur auditor,  having logged on as a “guest user”, I had a look around.

“Paul Keating” gets 17 hits, virtually all laudatory; Gough Whitlam gets 56 hits, none hostile and most laudatory. Whitlam’s dismissal (1975) gets a dozen tracts. “John Howard” gets more than 20 cites, but sadly none are laudatory and most hostile.[3]

I got a surprise when I searched on “WWF” to check that green lobby’s input. Instead of cute pandas, I got a dozen propaganda film clips from the Communist-led Waterside Workers Federation of the 1950s, such as “Banners Held High, 1956: May Day”. Scootle tells kids this film is “honouring the achievements of workers across the world”. Actually, a few months after its May Day love-in, the WWF backed the Soviets as their tanks crushed the Hungarian revolt.[4]

Scootle’s asylum-seeker treatment is straight from The Greens’ playbook.[5] Search for “asylum seeker” and the request generates exactly 100 hits and ‘refugee’ alone 169 hits.  Scootle’s intense interest in the topic includes: Discussion paper – ‘Towards a fairer immigration system for Australia’, 1992.

This is the cover of a 55-page paper titled ‘Towards a fairer immigration system for Australia‘. It states that the current immigration system is unfair to some groups and discusses how to guarantee fair access to Australia’s immigration system. The paper was prepared by Andrew Theophanous and published in 1992… The dimensions of the discussion paper are 29.60 cm x 21.00 cm.

I’m sure it’s a lovely paper from 28 years ago for kids to study, being 29.60cm x 21.00cm and all, about fairness and victim support. Author Andrew Theophanous was MHR (Labor) for the seats of Burke and Calwell from 1980-2000. But as Wikipedia puts it, “He was later jailed for bribery and fraud offences relating to visa applications and other immigration matters.” Specifically, “he was charged with defrauding the Commonwealth by making false representations in relation to an immigration matter, taking an unlawful inducement and soliciting an unlawful inducement.” He got six years, and served two of them. Maybe Scootle should footnote that?

Another example is:

Anthem – An Act of Sedition, 2004: MV Tampa and September 11

This clip presents an interpretation of the Howard government’s response to the arrival of refugees in Australian waters on the MV Tampa in August 2001. The narration states that John Howard had often used scare tactics for his political advantage and that the refugees were now to be used in a ‘race election’. Views defending the refugees are juxtaposed with images of troops. Scenes of the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks in New York dramatise the narration, which states that the government used fear of terrorism to override international law and civil rights.

The tone here seems similar to what East German kids used to get. Scootle’s explanatory notes say the film argues passionately that PM John Howard cynically exploited Tampa and 9/11 “to create fear, undermine the rule of law and secure a win in the November 2001 election.” The notes say, “the desperation of the passengers led the captain to attempt to land under conditions of emergency”. In fact the Afghans effectively took over the ship by threats, which led to SAS troops storming the vessel.

Scootle cites Julian Burnside QC, most recently a failed Greens candidate, who “condemns the ‘Pacific Solution’ legislation as being a clear-cut infringement of international law, and another lawyer sees it as being undemocratic.”

In a mealy-mouthed way, Scootle says,

In this case no attempt is made to present the case for the Howard government, the narration puts its views strongly and the use of dramatic footage heightens the sense of crisis, reinforcing the filmmakers’ view that these events marked a serious attack on civil liberties and democratic processes.

Impressionable kids are treated to a tear-jerking film (aka “powerful account”) about an Australian family with four kids visiting an Afghan teen in detention in Port Hedland in 2004. The visiting mother describes ‘a heavy gate being locked behind’ them, the children ‘huddled together wide-eyed and silent’ and the guard ‘unlocking the third door’, with an echoing, sombre and “slightly fearful” sound track. The film, asserts Scootle, “raises questions about the government policy that imprisoned children in the name of border protection.”

Kids also get a poem, ‘When I think of Australia’ by Amelia Walker. Extract: “I switch on the TV and see wire with children behind it. If this isn’t their country it isn’t mine.” Images include chicken wire and “refugees’ children in detention camps”. There’s also a color cartoon provided from leftist New Matilda[6] showing

a dilapidated ship crowded with asylum seekers approaching a pier where an elderly woman stands with outstretched arms, saying: ‘I know it’s extremely unAustralian of me, but I’d like to welcome you to our shores …’

So where does Scootle offer kids the conservative government’s case? A search on “people smuggler” finds one hit from a 1990 incident, and none contemporaneous. Another search fails to turn up reference to the 1,200 asylum seekers drowned after Labor’s PM Rudd overturned Howard’s policy and encouraged people smugglers to ship 50,000 people south in those infamously leaky boats.

Among other role models provided for kids are Greenpeace-affiliated saboteurs. Under the heading “Greenpeace takes a stand against GM crops” kids are treated to Greenpeace propaganda via ABC-TV Education (2011): “Watch Greenpeace activists mow down a research crop of genetically modified (GM) wheat grown by CSIRO.” They used brushcutters to wreck a year’s CSIRO research and cost the agency $300,000. A personable young Greenpeace lady says all such trials need to be shut down because of risk to foods like bread. Scootle instructs kids, “Consider some arguments for and against GM foods and find out the number of GM crops being trialled around Australia.”

Virtually all Scootle material on GM foods is of the pros-and-cons variety, with one piece emphasising “Who funds GM research trials?” while waxing suspicious about commercial funding. The main bias is via omission: Scootle offers kids nothing about genetically modified “golden rice” and its role in saving 100 million-plus Third World kids from Vitamin A deficiency, possible blindness and death.

Scootle slaps woodchipping (yesteryear’s big villain) with a 1991 report on excess use of paper: “The footage is in fast motion and is accompanied by a compelling music score.” Inevitably, Greenpeace  gets a flattering mention. Kids are encouraged towards further Greenpeace worship via an ABC-TV feature — Four Corners – French Connections, 1985: Connecting the dots — on the sinking of Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior back in 1985, before many of today’s kids’ parents were born.

Sometimes kids are (pro forma) advised to research the conservatives’ arguments but with no or minimal guidance. For example, searches of “Institute of Public Affairs” get no hits and “National Farmers Federation” generates only two hits, one from 2012.

Scootle also dishes up four episodes of ABC Education’s worship of faux Aboriginal Bruce Pascoe and his nonsense about pre-colonial Aboriginal agriculturists living in permanent towns.[7] Scootle’s material falsely describes Pascoe as a Yuin, Bunurong and Tasmanian man, although he’s been rejected by all three groups and himself admits he’s “solidly Cornish”.

China’s Mao Tse-tung gets half a dozen mentions, including, of course, Whitlam-meets-Mao. The others include two on the Communist army’s 1934-35 Long March and one on the Cultural Revolution. They are reasonably balanced but there is nothing on Mao’s so-called Great Leap Forward (1958-62) leading to 30 million deaths by starvation. China’s current supreme leader, Xi Jinping, gets no mention at all, nor is there any discussion of how China has arrived at its world-power status.

Scootle gives “human rights” in general 471 mentions, some involving multiple lessons. I waded through 300-plus mentions of China on Scootle and only four related to China and democracy. They included a brave one on dissident Xu Wenli and another on the ‘umbrella protests’ in Hong Kong.[8] Ancient China gets about 20 mentions, 19th century and pre-1940 China get about 60. I counted fewer than 25 items dealing with contemporary China such as urbanisation, energy and pollution (including one that deliberately muddles CO2 with particulates). Not one dealt with our minerals/energy trade with China, as if our $235 billion annual two-way trade doesn’t exist. Although “engagement with Asia” is one of the three all-important “cross-curricula priorities”, kids will graduate from high school as full bottles on Chinese gold-rush diggers, circa 1860, and I reckon that’s about it.

Kids are coached to wallow in remorse about last early-century’s White Australia policy, with an ABC-aided documentary (from 1992) relating how we “tried to fill Australia with ‘pure white’ immigrants.”[9] The wallow includes “Sheet Music Cover for ‘White Australia’ 1910” with the song’s lyrics,  ‘Australia, the white man’s land, / Defended by the white man’s guns, / Australia! Australia! / For Anglo-Saxon race and Southern Cross’.[10] Scootle also cites much White Australia material from Canberra’s National Museum. That museum from the outset was a leftist workshop, and when I last visited (2017), it had a major exhibition fawning over the Communist Party of Australia.[11]

On the perils of global warming, Scootle pulls out all stops: “Personal activity — Make a pledge to halt climate change.” Scootle asks: “Has your influence on people increased since studying about climate change?”  Kids are supposed to make a list of all the people they influence, rather like for Tupperware sales. Parents are to be badgered about their carbon footprint. Consistency is not Scootle’s strong point. On one page, 6degC would melt the Greenland Ice Sheet. Next page, 3degC would melt it. The latter page, in a fit of candour, does mention that “it would not happen immediately and it is estimated that this would take a few thousand years.”

Kids are given three scenarios about emission cuts, with an obvious push towards the maximum-cut scenario. They are asked, “Has undertaking this activity influenced your decisions about how you will try to adapt your lifestyle in the future?” They’re exhorted to redesign their homes for “sustainability”, a typically utopian project. Kids might be better educated with lessons on how houses are designed, engineered, project-managed and built, which might encourage Jack and Jill towards tradie careers rather than Whiteness Studies or Lesbian Dance Theory at Big Six universities.

Talking of pie-in-sky, kids are presented by Scootle with maniacal projects like fertilising the ocean by “adding huge quantities of iron and other nutrients to encourage the growth of algae and phytoplankton”; “artificial trees: A machine like a tree which can act as a ‘carbon scrubber’ to capture carbon dioxide from the air”; and best of all, \

Building a fleet of specially designed wind-powered ships that would spray sea water particles into the atmosphere to create clouds to make clouds more reflective.

I’d like to see the environmental impact statements first.

Scootle provides kids with (stale) material from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. The authority “educates” about “ocean acidification”, a non-problem, using a cartoon movie about “Hermie the hermit crab” (2009). The Scootle-endorsed Authority is brazen about its propaganda:

This is a highly complex topic and this animation does not explain the process in detail, rather uses a characters [sic] experience of this phenomenon to illicit an emotional understanding that ocean acidification will alter life on coral reefs.” [My emphasis].

The lovable Hermie’s shell crumbles from the acidic seas and every time he finds another shell, it too crumbles from the acidic impact. Meanwhile nasty sea creatures aim to gobble up Hermie. Little kids would despair at Hermie’s fate (close to 50,000 kids have seen the video). In reality claims about the oceans now being 30 per cent more “acidic” are junk-science. Attempts to measure the “acidification” even over past decades are laughably imprecise [12], corals evolved when CO2 was multiple times today’s level, shellfish live happily around sub-sea volcanic vents spewing CO2 , and whatever “evidence” is around, comes from dunking acid into fish tanks, hardly analogous to oceanic forces. (For example, “In a lab experiment, a sea butterfly {pteropod} shell placed in seawater with increased acidity  slowly dissolves over 45 days.”)

Aussie kids are told they can “help the [Great Barrier] Reef in the face of climate change” by reducing their CO2 emissions with new light bulbs, shorter showers, biking and (somehow) offsetting their remaining emissions. Fact check: nothing Australia does about emissions will change the climate, let alone the Reef, as Chief Scientist Alan Finkel has confessed. Asia’s emissions dominate all.

It’s interesting that in 2013 the “Reef Scare” via Scootle and the ABC was about possible uranium exports from Townsville. It’s now all morphed into Adani coal-export scares. Surprisingly, “Adani” gets no hits on Scootle.

Scootle is happy to offer (stale) material from the Britain’s Royal Geographic Society (RGS), that bunch being over-the-top in their climate zealotry. RGS asks kids to speculate on

How will local places be affected by sea-level rise? Different scenarios can be examined. For schools close to sea-level, lower-impact scenarios of 1-5 metres will still have very significant implications. For schools further inland (for example on inland river flood plains), the effects of more extreme sea-level rise could be considered. [What? More extreme than 5 metres of sea rise, the height of a house?] If there is no risk the nearest threatened settlement could be substituted. ‘Create an opportunity for students and make a link with a different subjects like English and look at geographical data in literature, perhaps excerpts from a novel such Richard Doyle’s Flood [2002which anticipates a serious event for London and tells of a worse [sic] case scenario of inundation in the capital. Whilst this is not a scientific book it does make some predictions that may not be commonly anticipated. [My emphasis].”

‘As any fule kno’ (quoting Nigel Molesworth), the IPCC sea-level-rise estimate for 2100 is only from 61cm to 110cm, and that’s a scenario from computer models tailored to pump up the scare.  

The “1-5 metres” doesn’t seem a typo (e.g. for 1.5m); the author is just an idiot and abuser of schoolkids trust.[13] For what it’s worth (zero), here’s the recommended novel Flood and its “geographical data” (so useful for geography teaching):

Can fifty feet high gates be overwhelmed by a wave? Then there is an explosion the size of a small Hiroshima: a supertanker is ablaze in the estuary and most of the Essex petrochemical works are going up with it. The Thames catches fire and the wall of fire and water thunders towards Britain’s capital. This is the story of what happens next, and the desperate attempts to save the capital from destruction.

Even more ludicrously — indeed, reprehensibly — RGS material frightens kids with the 2004 Day after Tomorrow horror movie, which posits climate-change causing the warm North Atlantic conveyor currents to stall, plunging Britain and Europe to plunge into an Ice Age. “This scenario shows the implicit connectedness of human and physical processes on the planet,” the RGS writes, which and Scootle dutifully passes along without question.

RGS refers kids to the British Royal Society’s paper of 2005 (yes 2005), “Guide to facts and fictions about climate change”. It ignores the 43 Royal Society fellows who revolted over that paper being issued in their names and forced the Society to issue a revised paper with less activism and more uncertainties. Typical of Scootle’s erratic content, a search on “Australian Academy of Science” fails to turn up mention of that green-left body’s primers on global warming of 2010 and 2015. At least those primers look scientific, even if the AAS believes computer models’ output is “compelling evidence” of global warming.[14]

Scootle shoves at kids aged 9 to 11 (no kidding) a Jackie French book

about the possibilities from the greener world of tomorrow … where the future is filled with environmental hope — and practical solutions, such as common usage of solar and wind power. Lively, fun and positive, this book … shows them that a lot of environmental solutions are simple and relatively easy to put in place.”

Actually, Australian taxpayers are subsidising green energy to the tune of $13 billion a year, but that’s a bit advanced for Grade 3 kids.

You may be curious by now about Scootle’s parent, ESA, as a Melbourne-based woke outfit. Apart from disseminating Stasi-style facts, ESA’s been rolling out an online version of kids’ NAPLAN testing. The teachers’ unions detest any measures to make teachers accountable, but unions’ description of ESA’s 2018 NAPLAN rollout as a ‘debacle’ and the 2019 NAPLAN roll-out as a ‘disaster’ seem close to the mark. Mercifully for ESA, COVID-19 scotched further rollout this year.

From chief executive Andrew Smith’s 2018-19 report:

The second transition year to NAPLAN Online saw over 2.17 million tests successfully completed by 670,000 students using the assessment platform infrastructure. ESA is proud to play a significant role in delivering these adaptive tests, which students find more engaging, and which provide richer data that helps teachers tailor their teaching to student needs.

The first day of testing saw the disruption of many student test sessions. The cause of the incident is within ESA’s responsibilities and we sincerely regret the distress caused. I commend our staff for their calm and systematic handling of the incident on the day, their ability to keep focused on delivering a successful assessment program for the remainder of the testing period, and their work and resolve to avoid a recurrence of the issue.”

The fortitude of Mr Smith’s 120 staff may stem from ESA’s unique conditions of employment. Apart from “competitive remuneration”, staff enjoy

regular fruit supply, fun activities and competitions [sack races?], and much more – all aimed at building a culture supportive of healthy lifestyle choices.

Maybe a banana diet is augmented by rotten tomatoes from the NAPLAN users.

Notwithstanding its sedentary workplace, ESA remains convulsed by efforts to curb its own CO2 emissions. Last year it tracked emissions from 3,678km of staff commutes by car and public transport to work. All staff have been provided with a personal keep-cup for coffee. Recycling facilities are on hand for Expressi coffee capsules, dental floss containers and contact lens packs. Sadly, these savings pale before the team’s 666,364 km of CO2-spewing air trips for vital meetings.

ESA’s carbon-neutrality tickets have been won by carbon offsets supporting things like the Guohua Wulate Zhonggi and Hebei Chongli wind farms in China. Talking of China, its emissions of 14 billion tonnes CO2-equivalent rather swamps ESA’s emissions of 824 tonnes last year. But I guess every recycling of a contact lens pack helps save the planet.

ESA’s report is seriously unhelpful about its top people’s pay. All we learn is that combined, they pocketed $2.008m.

Tony Thomas’s new book, Come To Think Of It – essays to tickle the brain, is available here as a book ($34.95) or an e-book ($14.95) 

[1] The Federation absorbed $74m from taxpayers in 2001-2006 alone  for on-line “learning resources” for teachers at all levels. It budgeted for a further $55m from 2006-09 to broaden its offering by 4000 elements, which seems a tad expensive.

[2] The declaration introduced cross-curricula priorities of Aboriginality, sustainability and Asia relations.

[3] Many links have become broken over time, making the Scootle reference useless, and others now merely point to the ABC Education TV home page rather than the specific video in question. Much material is ridiculously out of date. Items from 2000-2007 are common and many are from the previous century.

[4] Asked when Australia would become socialist, WWF leader Jim Healy replied, ‘When fifty-one per cent of the people think as we do’.

[6] New Matilda’s website today features rabid journalist John Pilger as “an eyewitness to the agony of Julian Assange”.

[7] Australia’s finest historian Geoff Blainey debunks Pascoe’s thesis: “I think I have read, in the last 50 years, every book written by an early European explorer of Australia. They do not support Pascoe in any way.”

[8] “Uyghur” gets no mention.

  • [9] Scootle: “The final chapter in this sad story of prejudice and discrimination came with the reforms of the Whitlam Labor government in 1973.”

[10] Scootle had the guts to mention Labor coming to power in 1910 on an explicitly racist platform.

[11] “At the time of the 1967 referendum, the Communist Party of Australia gained support from indigenous rights campaigners for their vocal stance against racially discriminatory policies.” The poster was “donated by Mr Peter A Murphy, Sydney District Committee, Communist Party of Australia.”

[12] “The Royal Society pH estimate for 2100 is thus consistent with a linear extrapolation of the eighteen years of data from Ocean Station Aloha. Such an extrapolation would appear to be unwarranted or questionable at best…the eighteen years of Ocean Station Aloha or similar data appear to have been linearly extrapolated out to 2300. This is even more questionable than a linear extrapolation to 2100.”

[13] Elsewhere, Scootle offers obsolete IPCC dogma: “By the mid-2090s, for instance, global sea level could reach 0.22 to 0.44 m above 1990 levels.”

[14] “Together with physical principles and knowledge of past variations, models provide compelling evidence that recent changes are due to increased greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere …”

The Vote-Switching Ghost in the Machine

Tony Thomas

It now looks like Deep State criminals have tweaked voting machine software to switch Trump votes – possibly millions of them —  to Biden to create the illusion of a Democrat victory. You don’t have to believe me on this. If you still retain a smidgen of high-school algebra, the data patterns in voting in the swing state of Michigan speak for themselves.

A team of three engineers and software analysts have demonstrated that a minimum of 69,000 votes there were switched from Trump to Biden. Biden is supposed to have won Michigan and its 16 Electoral College votes by about 146,000 votes in an electorate of 5.4 million.

If the vote switching occurred, the two candidates would be virtually neck and neck, Trump probably ahead. The same voting machines and their software were used through all the swing states. Another ‘if’: if similar fraud is accepted by courts to have prevailed in those states, the US is headed for a giant constitutional crisis.

The Michigan auditing team was Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, an MIT trained data scientist and Fulbright Scholar and now Republican Senate candidate; Bennie Smith, a Democrat and software engineer, data analyst and an election commissioner; and Phil Evans, engineer and data analyst. They analysed voting patterns in Michigan’s four biggest counties and concluded the patterns must have resulted from an inserted algorithm that switched salami-slices of votes from the Trump tally to the Biden column. The greater the voting support for Trump and Republicans, the bigger was the slicing-off for Biden. This can be shown by straight trend lines in the graphs, which would normally display a wide scatter.

The prima facie and weird result would be that – absent fraud –  the strongest Republican precincts demonstrated the weakest support for Trump. Even if Republicans in general didn’t like Trump compared with the party itself, there is no reason why the strongest Republican districts would be his worst detractors.

The trend line has a peculiar shape of flat followed by a straight slope of about 25 degrees. It prevailed across three counties — Oakland, Macomb and Kent — involving many hundreds of voting precincts each, and it prevailed in the same county when early votes were compared with those on election day. But the clincher for the algorithm’s presence is that in Michigan’s heavily Democrat Wayne County, the conspirators didn’t bother to use it. The resulting pattern among precincts was a limited scatter showing rising support for Trump personally as districts rated as more loyal to Republicanism. This data pattern is nothing like the pattern in the three fiercely-contested counties.

The fraud was easy to implement because, astoundingly, the voting machine software since 2001 has included a “weighted race” feature enabling votes to be skewed to one candidate or another, depending on the software settings. Why this feature was included has never been explained. Moreover, the machines take an image of each vote and these images are what generates the vote tally. Since the election, and contrary to federal law, Michigan officials have been busily deleting the images.  This prevents any meaningful audit, other than using the paper votes which is barely practicable. Hence the Ayyadurai team is instead using statistical detective work to highlight the frauds.

In the video below Dr Ayyadurai sets it all out in layperson’s terms. Start watching at 13.30 minutes and you can stop at 50 minutes.

The “fix” can be explained but is better visualised in the charts below. In essence, voters (as in Australia) can vote for individuals, i.e. Donald Trump or Joe Biden, or for their party (Republican and Democrat) in which case their votes are allocated to the individuals.  They can’t vote for both. Each precinct’s Republican vote, for Trump or for Party, can be separated for analysis.

A natural result would be for Trump and Party to get about the same vote percentage, regardless of how strongly or weakly Republican a precinct happens to be, whether 30 per cent or 80 per cent. Trump actually has so much charisma among supporters in precincts that he often gets a higher vote than his party.

The fraud analysis turns not on total Trump votes but on the margin favoring him compared to his party. If an algorithm is inserted to switch (individual) Trump votes to Biden, that margin of Trump above Party shrinks. As more Trump votes are switched, the margin fades to zero (50-50) and with even more votes switched, we suddenly find Republican voters are favoring their party above Mr Trump, i.e. his margin goes negative. And when vote switching becomes full-on, it might look as though Trump is being supported by only, say, 25 per cent of the Republican voters in that precinct. How likely is that?

The odd “shape” of the algorithm’s impact on the vote tally cries “fraud” from the rooftops. Where a precinct is heavily Democrat, the conspirators didn’t bother to switch Trump votes so the trend starts at flat. As precincts on the chart are mapped progressively more Republican, the trend abruptly goes on its downward slope, with Republican voters seeming to increasingly favor Party over Trump. That’s thanks to the secret switching. Indeed the inserted algorithm can be reverse engineered to its actual metrics.

This flat-and-then-downward slope occurs in the same precinct or county on different electoral periods, and in different precincts on the same day. To get this strange linear shape even once would be an outlier; to get it naturally over and over, time after time, is beyond reason.

Now here’s the graphed data and trends.

Chart One: The natural (uncorrupted) voting picture: Each blue spot is a voting precinct. Its position on the Y (long) axis represents that precinct’s overall support for Trump, e.g. 20% or 60%. On the X (tall) axis the zero line is Republican voters favoring Trump equally with the Republican Party. If the blue dot is above that zero line, it indicates how much extra  support Trump got over his Party. If the blue dot is below the zero line, it indicates that voters rate his Party above Trump, and by how much. Note that the precinct dots just scatter above or below the zero line without trend. No tampering is in this hypothetical example.

Chart 2: A hypothetical test case – how Chart 1 would look if Trump for some reason was unpopular in his party. He would be voted less than his party, but this wouldn’t vary much whether the party was strong or weak in a given precinct.

Chart 3: A hypothetical “Red Flag” case for fraud: the natural random pattern has been transferred into a pattern where strongest Republican precincts strangely show the greatest rejection of Trump.

Chart 4: Actual evidence of vote-switching fraud – This chart shows the natural trend of Trump vs his Party being distorted into a weird flat-plus-30deg-slope, on two time periods at the same Oakland County. (The flat initial part is where the algorithm isn’t active). From these dots it can be calculated that the algorithm gave Biden a total 60,000 lead asd a result of 30,000 switched votes.

Chart 5: Actual fraud again — the identical pattern at Macomb County, with the conspirators switching 16,500 Trump votes to Biden.

Chart 6: The clincher – Democrat-heavy Wayne County, where conspirators didn’t bother to apply their algorithm. The story here is that even though Republican support was low, Republican voters heavily backed Trump compared with his party (dots clustering above the line in the 0-20% region of Republican support). And with no conspiratorial tampering, Trump support over party actually rose in precincts with greater overall Republican support, contrary to  the  “fix-is-in” graphs 4 and 5.

This is all just the first fruits of the election fraud investigations. USA politics have indeed moved into uncharted territory.

Tony Thomas’s new book, Come To Think Of It – essays to tickle the brain, is available here as a book ($34.95) or an e-book ($14.95) 

The Things Kids Learn from Their ABC

In 2019-20, the team’s focus was to reach younger Australians, their families and their wider communities in a way that was both meaningful and beneficial. — ABC annual report, 2019-20, p86.

With approval at highest levels, the ABC is encouraging schoolchildren 15 years and upwards to view salacious ABC materials. This week the ABC dismissed my complaint about these salacious and wrongly classified materials, which I had described to the ABC as “pornographic”. Others might consider them comedic, edgy and harmless. You decide.

The materials are embedded through the nine-part “comedy” series At Home Alone Together, which screened at 9pm Wednesdays from May 13. The series is now on iView with eight of nine episodes rated as M (Mature) by the ABC’s classifying team. This team comprises two full-time and two part-time staff.

To improve take-up in the young teenager demographic, even the most salacious M episodes involving “adult themes, coarse language, drug use and sexual references” begin with an ABC voice-over, “Recommended for people aged 15 and over.” Episode 7 is flagged MA15+ but curiously, cites only its “coarse language”. The ABC voice-over advises, “It is not suitable for people under 15 years.”[1]

I set out the noxious content of At Home Alone Together here last month. I’ve now had leisure to check the contexts: ABC-internal, regulatory, political and cultural. To recapitulate, here’s the most contentious segment, from M-rated Episode 4 (at 12mins 50secs). A graphic about “triple penetration” shows a stylised naked woman crouched on all fours, straddling a naked man who reaches up to grasp her torso. The prone man is penetrating her vaginally. Behind the crouching woman, another naked man kneels, penetrating her anally while grasping her hips. The “triple” element involves a standing man grasping her head to push her mouth onto his penis. The ABC production team has enlivened the graphic to show animated thrustings. End-credits acknowledge the work of two “Motion Graphics” specialists, which might relate to the sexual animations.

What would the classifiers need to step up the rating to MA15+? Perhaps a donkey plus a man whipping the woman.

Other graphics from the Episode 4 sketch are stylised people, mostly naked, animated to show “vaginal contact” (a couple in the missionary position); “a vigorous rogering” (woman leans down to grasp the foot of the bed while man penetrates her from behind); “urinating in public”; “sex” (a woman rides a prone man reverse cowgirl); “taking a dump in a hotel [corridor] ”; “just don’t have sex while you take the dump” (a crouching man between rooms in the corridor penetrates a woman from behind while defecating).

The next animated graphic is of a man using a dog waist-high, while the woman narrator in voice-over says, just to be clear, “Simulating sex with a dog, actually that was never really fine.” The final animated graphic shows a man with a two-metre penis penetrating from behind a clothed woman, apparently without underwear, who is leaning against the foot of a bed. The giant penis is pixelated in unusual ABC manifestation of concern for possibly innocent 15-year-old schoolchildren and adult Christians. Elsewhere in Episode 4 (19mins) a male character holds a foot-long salami like an erect penis and boasts of his “really big dong”.

Other “M” rated treats from At Home Alone Together episodes:

# Episode 1, 3mins, “M”: An actress says in a satire of Harry Potter: “

Maybe it’s another wizard girl from another house and she wants to suck your dick or lick my … I would love to give Dobbie a little Gobbie … I would love to be moaning like Myrtle.

Episode 2, 11mins, “M”: A male character opens his pants to expose his large penis, and the female says, “All right let’s have a lookMy my we have been working out. You can’t beat the real thing, welcome to Cougar Town.” Then she kneels to fellate him.

Episode 8, 8mins, “M”: Apropos of male public toilet “glory holes” where men can fellate each other separated by a wall, the segment satirically substitutes handshakes for fellatio at a toilet “shake spot”. Business men and footballers are invited to pay $50, or $70 for “a nice firm one” and are also offered “a wet one”.

Episode 5, 21.40mins, “M”: A 60-year old female character praises penises “of all shapes and sizes” and licks cream from an éclair to illustrate. She tells a partner: “Well I like to see your dick and while working to arousal get my big breasts out.”

Episode 6, 2.50mins, 9mins, and 13.30, “M”: Males and females emphasise defecation, eg., a sister to brother: “I want to take a shit on your head.”

Episode 7 (M15+). A female character aged 60 asks a much older female about her “favourite blow-job technique” (19.30) and her first orgasm, and the younger woman boasts about her arousals in the shower.

I LODGED a formal complaint to the ABC, asserting that these materials are pornography unfit for broadcasting.

“Subject: Broadcasting pornography and failing to classify adequately

Comment: All but Ep.7 was classified M which is wrong and endangers the welfare of schoolchildren 15yo and upward. The series should not have been broadcast at all but at least all episodes warranted MA15+.

I then listed the salacious materials set out in my previous Quadrant Online essay. I also noted to the ABC:

“My complaint is probably past 6 weeks of the screenings but I have accessed the programs – as many 15yo’s would – through iView. I trust the 6 week test will not be used to invalidate my complaint. Thanks.”

The ABC’s says complaints can be referred to its Independent Complaints Review Panel (ICRP) only if they were originally lodged within six weeks of the date of broadcast.[2] This is a mere technicality, apparently, based on the fact that the ABC deletes some unimportant recordings after six weeks.[3]

I received the following reply last night:

Your email has been referred to Audience and Consumer Affairs, a unit which is separate to and independent of content areas within the ABC. Our role is to review and, where appropriate, investigate complaints alleging that ABC content has breached the ABC’s editorial standards. These standards are explained in our Editorial Policies which are available here:[4]

Audience and Consumer Affairs will generally not accept for investigation complaints lodged more than six weeks after an item was broadcast or published. As you have not indicated that any special circumstances apply in this instance, we decline to investigate your complaint. Your comments have nonetheless been noted and made available to ABC Entertainment & Specialist.

Yours sincerely
Lauren Crozier
ABC Audience & Consumer Affairs

I will now complain to the Australian Communications and Media Authority, although the ABC might continue to escape accountability via the “six-week” fudge or ACMA claiming I’m being vexatious.[5]  Classification complaints to ACMA are a rare event.[6] In 2018-19, ACMA handled only seven classification complaints about all television broadcasting.

It’s a challenge to allocate responsibility for Episode 4, rather like allocating responsibility for hiring Victoria’s private quarantine guards. Episode 4 lists two executive producers, one Sseries producer, five producer/directors, and one contributing director, plus a “Screen Australia production executive”. It is striking that Episode 4 had its own ABC “Editorial Policy Adviser”, one Simon Melkman.

Senior producers of the series include several of the team that made the low-rated and dumped Tonightly show. In one Tonightly episode in March 2018, comedian/presenter Greg Larsen called Australian Conservative candidate Kevin Bailey a c—nt. In the four-minute Tonightly rant, which was pre-approved by ABC executives for broadcast, there were eight “c–ts” and two “f–ks”.

In the M-rated Episode 9 of Home Alone, 16mins40secs, a couple move into a “tiny house” and are soon squabbling over their cramped space. The male says, “Maybe if we moved into your vagina we would have a bit more room.” The ABC’s cognitive dissonance is breath-taking over such misogyny and its everywhere-else-professed feminist credentials.

The original At Home Alone Together concept was for harmless lockdown stuff like self-improvement, DIY., wellness, parenting and personal finances. Notwithstanding At Home Alone Together’s actual content, the just-released 2020 ABC Annual Report praises the series. Chair Ita Buttrose’s communication to Parliament reads,

Other morale-boosting new programs included At Home Alone Together, a comedic take on the lifestyle magazine genre that went from concept to screen in just six weeks.

ABC top executives’ love affair with At Home Alone Together bore fruit just last month in the promotion of its “ever-genial” creator Nick Hayden[7] to Head of Entertainment, replacing Josie Mason-Campbell, who had exited in the course of a budget-led restructure last June.[8]She cited Home Alone as part of her entertainment track record, saying“I have been privileged to work with the ABC and to lead a ridiculously talented and creatively brave factual and entertainment team.”[9]

The ABC normal line is that boys are influenced by males’ endemic disparagement and contempt towards women with disrespect and sexualisation of females in turn generating males’ domestic violence and sexual assault. In 2016 the ABC was barraging viewers with government anti-domestic-violence ads showing boys slamming doors on girls and chauvinist fathers telling boys “Don’t throw like a girl, mate!” The ad’s voice-over says, “Violence against women starts with disrespect. The excuses we make allow it to grow. Violence against women: let’s stop it at the start.” Well said but…

The ABC 2020 report under a sub-head Shining a Light (p19), praises a 4Corners’ episode called “Boys Club” for its “most impactful investigations [that] exposed a toxic culture at Melbourne’s exclusive St Kevin’s College, including the grooming of students.” Maybe the ABC Four Corners team could investigate At Home Alone Together‘s toxic culture for schoolkids? After all, 98 per cent of children aged 15 are at school.[10] Even at Year 12, 89 per cent of girls and 80 per cent of boys last year were at school.

The ABC report also fetes its series A Few Good Blokes “exploring what it means to be a good role model” in support of the ABC’s me-too production Silent No More. That dob-in-a-sleaze program became the ABC’s disaster of the year:

ABC STATEMENT: Due to human error, an early version of Silent No More was provided to a small number of accredited media under embargo. This early version had not yet had names and details of three women blurred in shots of a computer screen.

The ABC role-plays as Australia’s champion for women, with its more than 53 per cent female staff and 51 per cent female executives. Target for ABC news stories is for 50-50 representation of women (currently 45% or more), and “a commitment to content that is relevant to women.” I guess the At Home Alone Together schematic of a woman being entered from behind by a two-metre penis would be included as female-relevant content.

At Home Alone Together‘s salaciousness screened just a couple of months after the ABC’s International Women’s Day extravaganza featuring a cringe-worthy “all-female line-up across capital city Local Radio, ABC Classic and RN, as well as 24 hours of songs, stories, and discussions from female artists and presenters on triple j, Double J and triple j Unearthed.” (p67).

We discover board members’ feminist credentials on opening pages of the report. Ita Buttrose is a founding member and former president of Chief Executive Women. Trump-hating deputy chair Kirstin Ferguson[11] has been a board member of SheStarts, and Chair of the Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards. She’s a member of Chief Executive Women, Women Corporate Directors and the Women’s Leadership Institute of Australia. Donny Walford is a Founding Member of International Women’s Forum Australia, and a former director of Australian Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Georgie Somerset’s past roles include with the National Foundation for Australian Women.

Let’s move now to the politics of program classification. ABC and SBS alone have the privilege to rate their own TV shows. Other TV broadcasters’ material is subject to external and official ratings supervision. Currently the ABC’s freedom to rate itself involves highly-sensitive politics. In 2011, a Senate inquiry studied classifications and impacts of broadcast material on sexualisation of children, objectification of women and portrayal of persons in a demeaning manner.[12] In 2018 the ACCC urged an inquiry dealing with, among other things, “a nationally uniform classification scheme to classify or restrict access to content consistently across different delivery formats”. This led early this year to a departmental inquiry and report run by ex-bureaucrat Neville Stephens AO and still under wraps.[13]

Communications and Arts Minister Paul Fletcher is about to decide on the issue, according to an email I received from the department on October 26. The ABC submitted strongly that any interference with its self-rating would compromise its independence and value to Australian as a cultural standard-bearer. Indeed, such a move would have “a chilling effect”. It submitted:

The [ABC] Corporation maintains a rigorous Editorial Policies framework to ensure that high standards are met and the ABC is accountable to audiences through the co-regulatory regime with the ACMA [Australian Communications and Media Authority]. The ABC Editorial Policies state that the Corporation’s broadcast and publication of comprehensive and innovative content requires a willingness to take risks, invent and experiment with new ideas, while taking care not to gratuitously cause harm or offence.

The submission also includes:

The Corporation recognises that it has a privileged place in the media landscape, with access to spectrum and public funding. It is required, among other things, to broadcast programs that contribute to a sense of national identity, inform and entertain, while reflecting the cultural diversity of the Australian community… 

The introduction of any new classification regime must take account of the independent editorial decision-making processes of the ABC. The ABC operates within a wider accountability framework and is not subject to the National Classification Scheme…

The ABC believes any dilution of its independence, however subtle, may have a chilling effect on its ability to fulfil its core functions, including delivering diverse, innovative and sometimes controversial content to audiences. 

The detailed provisions for each classifiable element (themes, violence, sex, language, drug use and nudity) of the ABC Classification Standard provide a level of accuracy and consistency that is not achieved through the Classification Board’s impact test…

This dynamic framework for classification allows the ABC to take chances with programs that commercial media cannot or will not support. Public broadcasters nurture new talent and support cutting-edge program-making…

ABC audiences can understand precisely what to expect at each classification level and can rest assured that the decisions made by ABC classifiers have been made as objectively as possible. The existing approach is effective, audience centred, responsible and responsive.” [As if.]

The 2020 ABC annual report says (p81):

Classification has progressively exhibited heightened sensibilities with respect to editorial concerns in children’s programming, which has led to a significant increase in the number of episodes being referred for review. There is far greater oversight of children’s programming in terms of the content’s compliance with non-classification matters, such as ABC Editorial Policies…

The ABC believes online protection of children and young people under the age of 18 is a shared responsibility between the ABC, the parent or guardian, and the child, and aims to ensure that children and young people who engage with the ABC’s online spaces understand the possible risks they face and how to minimise them.

Other parts of the annual report say,

“The ABC acknowledges that a public broadcaster should never gratuitously harm or offend and accordingly any content which is likely to harm or offend must have a clear editorial purpose…

Coarse language, disturbing images or unconventional situations may form a legitimate part of reportage, debate, documentaries or a humorous, satirical, dramatic or other artistic work… 

 Avoid the unjustified use of stereotypes or discriminatory content that could reasonably be interpreted as condoning or encouraging prejudice...

Children and young people– Principles: The ABC aims to provide children and young people (under the age of 18) with enjoyable and enriching content, as well as opportunities for them to express themselves. (p184-5).

That At Home Alone Together’s salaciousness got the OK from high levels at ABC suggests something endemically awry in the taxpayer-funded behemoth. The over-arching policy is “upward referral” where anything controversial is kicked up to higher levels pre-broadcast, and if a staffer doesn’t do this, he/she takes the consequences personally.[14]

I sent a barrage of questions to ABC media flack Peter Munro, “Communications Lead, Entertainment & Specialist” about how the episodes came to be rated “M” (8 episodes) and “MA15+” (Episode 7). Munro clarified that the ratings were done by the ABC team of “Network Content Classifiers”, and he forwarded the ABC guideline documents.[15] He declined to name the four people and where the team sits on the ABC organisation chart.

He also ignored my request to specify the top ABC person running the At Home Alone Together project and which of a dozen or two key producers and writers for At Home Alone Together were ABC staff and which were co-opted in as part of the ABC’s drive to support the COVID-affected arts community. He did provide me with boilerplate about which of the nine episodes involved violence, sex, language, drug use and/or nudity, printed anyway at the head of each iView episode.

An elderly lady reader in care hid a printout of my essay last month on At Home Alone Together in case staff came across it and were shocked at my extracts of the ABC’s Home Alone and perhaps reported her to management. Check iView yourself – assuming you’re at least 15.

Tony Thomas’s new book, Come To Think Of It – essays to tickle the brain, is available here as a book ($34.95) or an e-book ($14.95) 

[1] The ABC says that its “M – ‘MATURE’ involves material potentially harmful to under 15s. ‘The less explicit or less intense material will be included in the M classification and the more explicit or more intense material, especially violent material, will be included in the MA15+ classification.

Sex: Sexual activity may be discreetly implied. Generally, coarse language that is stronger, detailed or very aggressive should be infrequent, and not be gratuitous.”

Its MA15+ – MATURE AUDIENCE is “likely to be harmful or disturbing to under 15s. Sex: Sexual activity may be implied. Coarse language that is very strong, aggressive or detailed should not be gratuitous.”

[2] ABC Editorial Policies Document 2009 Clause 7.4 p147

[3] Ibid 12.1.7 p76

[4] 7 Harm and offence

The ABC broadcasts and publishes comprehensive and innovative content that aims to inform, entertain and educate diverse audiences. Innovation involves a willingness to take risks, invent and experiment with new ideas. This can result in challenging content which may offend some of the audience some of the time. The ABC potentially reaches the whole community, so it must take into account community standards. Context is an important consideration. Consideration of the nature of the target audience for particular content is part of assessing harm and offence in context, as is any signposting that equips audiences to make informed choices about what they see, hear or read.

[5] 13.8.2 If a complainant is not satisfied with the response, and the matter is covered by the relevant ABC Code of Practice, a complaint can be made to ACMA. 13.8.3 ACMA must investigate complaints addressed to it and covered by the ABC Code of Practice, except where complaints are frivolous, vexatious or not made in good faith.

[6] A complainant is entitled under section 150 of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (Cth) to take their complaint to the ACMA if the complainant considers the ABC’s response is inadequate.

[7] Sally Riley, ABC Head of Drama & Entertainment, said Hayden has shown great instinct and drive for developing and producing entertainment shows. He has passion and enthusiasm for new ideas and talent, along with a genuine interest in fostering and protecting the ABC’s current slate of shows. “I look forward to collaborating with him on our award-winning Entertainment slate and strategy in the years to come.” Hayden responded that it was “a genuine honour to take on the role of Head of Entertainment within an organisation I love.”

[8] The ABC says creative and content maker Nick Hayden “created the COVID-19 friendly comedy At Home Alone Together”.[8]

[9] Ms Mason-Campbell also took some credit for the ABC’s ridiculous, child-like global warming farrago Fight for Planet A.

[10] Chapter 4 School education – Report on Government Services …

[11] Deputy chair Ferguson replied to a tweet from a reporter proclaiming “Honestly, I reckon Biden is going to smash this drugged-up crook in the debate.” Her reply was, “I sincerely hope so.”

[12] Recommendations 2 and 3.

[13] Digital Platforms Inquiry, p12

[14] “This process can extend, through the relevant director, to as far as the Managing Director as Editor-in-Chief. If staff do not refer the issue upward, he or she will be responsible for the editorial decision made.”

[15] I don’t envy the team as the ABC puts out more than 20,000 hours of TV material annually.

A Stink That Can’t Pass the Sniff Test

There are two take-aways about Joe Biden and his influence-peddling crackhead son Hunter. The first story is the extent to which Hunter’s murky deals were a family affair, and that story is being chipped into piece-by-piece from examination of the hard drive of his old laptop, which  he abandoned in April 2019 at a Delaware repair shop.

The second story concerns the truly desperate attempts of the mainstream US print, TV and social media, with the Australian Broadcasting Commission in tow, to put a lid on the Bidens’ scandal. President Trump’s favorite medium is Twitter and that social media outfit’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, is officially de-platforming all citations of the New York Post’s laptop exposes. Moreover, Twitter is locking out the accounts of those who do try to recycle the Post’s story. Twitter’s locked-out roll-call – I’m not making this up – includes White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany and, two hours before the second Trump/Biden debate, the Trump campaign’s national press secretary Hogan Gidley. Twitter has blocked the account of the New York Post ever since it broke the laptop story. This is what the Deep State’s joined-at-the-hip fusion with Big Tech is all about.

The Democrat-conniving media and our Their ABC have evinced no concern. They have themselves failed in their suppression strategy. That’s because they can’t ignore Trump’s direct accusations to Joe Biden in the second debate. But they have ignored Biden’s failure to deny that the laptop and its incriminating emails are authentic. Countless debate viewers saw for themselves that Biden merely blustered about it.

This article lays out the facts of a complex narrative. It also lays out the utter untrustworthiness of the mainstream media in how they report this most consequential presidential election. Privately-owned media can do what they like (and pay the consequences)[i]. However “our” ABC has a legal charter of impartiality, making its bias and unprofessionalism doubly reprehensible. This, of course, is the same outfit that promoted Sarah Ferguson’s breathless three-part “investigation” of Trump’s purported Russia collusion as “the story of the century”.

Russian to judgement: Ms Ferguson’s Follies,
Part I and Part II

The laptop scandal, unlike every element of the Russia Collusion hoax which the media ran for three years, is testable. The Biden camp have never challenged the authenticity of the laptop and its contents, which include a sordid selfie-video of Hunter having sex while smoking crack. As the clip is extremely graphic, Quadrant Online won’t provide a direct link, other than to point the curious and prurient to the website of Taiwanese TV network GTV, where it can be viewed in full.

The media initially ignored the laptop scandal partly on the ground that it was “Russian disinformation”. Their evidence for that was the usual nameless “intelligence sources” and “experts”, none of whom had actually seen or tested the materials, since the copies of the laptop’s hard drive are tightly held by the Trump camp and FBI. Last week the Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, said the materials were “not part of some Russian disinformation campaign.” He continued, “Let me be clear: the intelligence community doesn’t believe that because there is no intelligence that supports that.” The FBI supports Ratcliffe’s view.    

The media’s attempt at Totschweigtaktik (death by silence) was further destroyed when the laptop ownership was electronically traced to Hunter and his signature was on the deposit slip. More than that, according to Rudy Giuliani, he was contacted by a Biden clan lawyer who asked for the laptop’s return. Wanting it back is a pretty good indication you owned it to begin with.

Of course, Hunter can be any sort of low-life and Joe is not responsible for that; some parents do have ’em. What is incontrovertible, however, is that Hunter was making millions peddling the vice-president’s name around the Eastern Bloc and to Chinese oligarchs and officials. He was and remains otherwise unemployable.  Kicked out of the US Navy over cocaine use, he has no qualifications. Joe Biden claims no knowledge of Hunter’s scamming and denies any complicity in rorts or personally profiting from them. But at very least, Joe Biden as vice-president (and thereafter) was remiss in not putting a stop to Hunter’s pocket-lining chicanery, all of it based on his father’s status as the man one heartbeat away from the Oval Office.

It’s all spelled out in a US Senate committee report here.  The high-profile scamming began in 2014 when corrupt Ukrainian gas producer Burisma appointed the unqualified Hunter to its board. It paid Hunter at least $US50,000 a month for five years to 2019. (Trump in the debate said he understood the sum was $US183,000 a month, plus $US3 million upfront). Hunter was appointed to the Burisma board supposedly and laughably for “consulting on corporate governance and transparency”. Seven months later the Burisma chief and “odious oligarch” Mykola Zlochevsky allegedly paid a $US7 million bribe to Ukrainian prosecutors to drop their investigations of him (Zlochevsky) and the company.

In 2014 Biden was in charge of Obama’s foreign policy towards Ukraine. His specific job for the US was to help Ukraine clean up its all-pervasive corruption. This was in the wake of the Kiev “Revolution of Dignity” against corruption. Whether Joe Biden delivered for Hunter or Hunter Biden did anything unlawful is beside the point: the pub-test is that the Bidens’ combo involvement in Ukraine stank.[ii] The ‘look’ was especially bad because Ukrainian politicians were desperate for US support. Joe Biden went to Kiev on April 21, 2014, to give that support conditionally, and Hunter stepped onto the Burisma board a mere three weeks later. US officials soon after were warning Joe Biden’s office about the problem, but  the elder Biden did nothing and all but two of his officials kept schtum. [iii] The Ukraine story then runs into all sorts of rabbit holes, including lower-house Democrats impeaching Trump for allegedly improperly seeking dirt on the Bidens from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky last year.

Hunter Biden’s business partner is convicted money-grubber Devon Archer. On the same day — April 22, 2014 — that Joe Biden addressed the Ukrainian parliament on policy towards Russia and the Crimea, Archer collected $US142,300 from a politically-connected Kazakh businessman, allegedly for the purchase of a car. Maybe Archer runs a car yard in Kazahkstan’s capital Nur-Sultan.

On February 14, 2014, the wife of the former mayor of Moscow, Elena Baturina (left), wire-transferred $US3.5 million for “consultancy” to an investment company co-founded by Hunter Biden. This payment was what Trump was referring to when he upbraided Biden during the second debate about the family’s Moscow money. The mayor’s wife became Russia’s first female billionaire during her husband’s tenure. The mayor was fired in 2010 for alleged corruption. Exactly who wound up with the $US3.5m and how is somewhat in dispute — but again, the pub test doesn’t have Hunter looking good. As if all these shadowy goings-on weren’t enough, Hunter then used his family name to extract multi-millions from Chinese companies linked to the Beijing regime and People’s Liberation Army and involving transfers of US military/commercial know-how. Hunter had arranged for his father to meet one of the Chinese principals  briefly in the lobby of a Beijing hotel they were staying in after they flew together to China on Air Force II.  As the Senate committee put it,

During the Obama administration, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) approved a transaction that gave control over Henniges, an American maker of anti-vibration technologies with military applications, to a Chinese government-owned aviation company and a China-based investment firm with established ties to the Chinese government.[iv]

One of the companies involved in the Henniges transaction was a billion-dollar private investment fund called Bohai Harvest RST (BHR). BHR was formed in November 2013 by a merger between the Chinese-government-linked firm Bohai Capital and a company named 

Rosemont Seneca Partners [the above-mentioned RSP]. Rosemont Seneca was formed in 2009 by Hunter Biden [and] by Chris Heinz, the stepson of former Secretary of State John Kerry and others.

Suspected Chinese intelligence asset – and Hunter Biden business partner and frequent travel partner – Michael Lin had official meetings with Joe Biden while he was vice president.

Hunter even got a present from a Chinese energy oligarch Ye Jianming of a 2.8 carat diamond, which he said was worth $US10,000 and Biden’s ex-wife, Kathleen, in divorce proceedings said was worth $US80,000. The oligarch was wanting political/business introductions in Washington DC. After a dinner, Ye sent a 2.8-carat diamond to Hunter’s hotel room with a card thanking him for their meeting. “I was, like, ‘Oh, my God!’,” Hunter said, according to a New Yorker piece a year ago.

Not all tainted money flowed inwards. Hunter showered many thousands of dollars to “nonresident women who were nationals of Russia or other Eastern European countries and who appear to be linked to an ‘Eastern European prostitution or human trafficking ring,” according to the Senate report. In other words, to foreign prostitutes.

Hunter is not the only Biden family member enriching themselves by influence-peddling. Last January US ABCNews ran a print story (remarkably)  describing how Biden’s brother Frank “leveraged his famous name for business gain.” ABCNews then failed to put its own story on its own TV channel. Biden’s brother-in-law, Howard Krein, was exposed this month advising the Biden campaign on the pandemic while investing personally in COVID-19 start-ups. Investigative author Peter Schweizer has documented three other Joe Biden leeches: daughter Ashley, brother James and sister Valerie.[v] Joe Biden’s main asset on the campaign stump is supposed to be that he is a decent, honest family man. As he summed up in the last debate: “I’m going to say, as I said at the beginning, what is on the ballot here is the character of this country. Decency. Honor. Respect.”

Getting back now to the laptop, the key emails are

# May 2015: Vadym Pozharskyi, an adviser to Burisma, emails Hunter thanking him “for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together. It’s realty [sic] an honour and pleasure.” This is a little cloudy but throws doubt over Joe Biden’s claims to innocence about Hunter’s scamming ways.

Biden’s camp says the alleged Burisma meeting does not appear in Biden’s “official” diary, an insistence which counts for little as plenty of other Biden meetings were not formalised that way either.

The Wall Street Journal published one staff comment piece damning of the Bidens and on the same day a news piece saying the laptop materials were feeble because Joe Biden was not named there. The news piece ignored that when a potentate’s influence is being peddled for cash, no smart entrepreneur puts the potentate’s name in writing. Hunter’s euphemism for Joe was “the chairman” or “the big guy”. 

# The laptop contained further extensive correspondence from 2017 between Hunter and representatives of China state-owned energy firm CEFC, discussing new deals and allocating equity shares, including, in one May 13, 2017, email “10 held by H for the big guy.” The “H” is obviously Hunter and “the big guy” is allegedly Joe Biden. By then Joe was out of office but already touted as 2020 presidential nominee.

On the evening October 21, who should pop up but one Tony Bobulinski — identifying himself as a former (disgruntled) business partner of Hunter and Joe Biden and long-term Democrat backer. The Bobulinski (right) testament does not involve one of those famously anonymous “senior officials” that Their ABC’s correspondents thrived on the entire Russia-collusion hoax. He sets out his checkable credentials:

I am the grandson of a 37 year Army Intelligence officer, the son of a 20+ year career Naval Officer and the brother of a 28 year career Naval Flight Officer. I myself served our country for 4 years and left the Navy as LT Bobulinski. I held a high level security clearance and was an instructor and then CTO for Naval Nuclear Power Training Command. I take great pride in the time my family and I served this country. I am also not a political person. What few campaign contributions I have made in my life were to Democrats.

The anti-Trump media, which specialises in ad hominems, has not so far laid a glove on Bobulinsky, who issued a statement detailing his eyewitness observations in China of the conduct of the Bidens and the ways in which Joe’s involvement contradicted his own public denials.

I am the recipient of the email published seven days ago by the New York Post which showed a copy to [i.e. copied-in] Hunter Biden and Rob Walker. That email is genuine.

What I am outlining is fact. I know it is fact because I lived it. I am the CEO of Sinohawk Holdings which was a partnership between the Chinese operating through CEFC/Chairman Ye and the Biden family.

Hunter Biden called his dad “the Big Guy” or “my Chairman,” and frequently referenced asking him for his sign-off or advice on various potential deals that we were discussing. I’ve seen Vice President Biden saying he never talked to Hunter about his business. I’ve seen firsthand that that’s not true. . . .

I realized the Chinese were not really focused on a healthy financial ROI [return on investment]. They were looking at this as a political or influence investment.

I would ask the Biden family to address the American people and outline the facts.

The Bobulinsky disclosures are going to keep coming: he has three phones — he’s holding two of them in the picture above — and their hoard of texts to share. What fun to come!

I’LL TURN now to the media handling of this verifiable Biden scandal.

From October 14-22, out of a total of 73.5 hours of US mainstream network news airtime, less than 17 minutes involved Hunter Biden. Our ABC’s US namesake, ABC, spent ZERO seconds on him. On CBS TV last week, 60 Minutes correspondent John Dickerson assured viewers that allegations of corruption against Joe Biden and his son don’t “matter” to voters and even promised that the “news cycle” would make sure to bury the scandal in the final days leading up to the election.

US mainstream media no longer even pretend to even-handedness. National Public Radio (NPR) is a government-established media group and part taxpayer funded. On the morning before the second debate, its News Managing Director Terence Samuel wrote internally about the Biden laptop, “We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions … This was a politically driven event and we decided to treat it that way.”

NPR’s bruiting of the lurid, baseless and incredible rape allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh were apparently not “just distractions” nor “politically driven”.

Biden is happy to closet himself in his basement and shun the media for days at a time, confident that the media will meanwhile do his work with their incessant anti-Trump pieces. His minders simply announce that Biden has “put a lid” on appearances, such as for four entire days before the second debate. I’m not sure Biden – who is evincing occasional symptoms of apparent dementia – has run a single unscripted press conference. During one supposedly spontaneous interview, his answers were mysteriously available on his teleprompter. “Move it up here!” he told his minder who was scrolling the teleprompter answers too slowly. And in recent days, Biden has been confused about his opponent’s name and identity, referring to Donald Trump as “George”. Then there is the rattle of loose screws in the recent clip below.

Once or twice a mainstream reporter has “gone rogue” and asked him softballs about his family’s money taint. CBS News: “Mr. Biden, what is your response to the New York Post story about your son, sir?”

Biden responded like Julius Ceasar, “et tu, Brute?”. His actual words: “I know you’d ask it. I have no response. It’s another smear campaign. It’s right up your alley. They’re the questions you always ask.”

And with Fox News Peter Doocy: “Mr. Vice-President, how many times have you ever spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings?”

Biden: “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.” He then yelled at the reporter: “Everybody looked at this, and everybody’s looked at it and said there’s nothing there. Ask the right questions!” Indeed.

Twitter and Facebook have censored the President’s social media accounts and those belonging to his re-election campaign at least 65 times. In contrast, the companies have not censored any of Biden’s campaign accounts. Tweets about the president’s concern over mail-in voting, COVID-19, and the Black Lives Matter protests have been given adverse “public interest notices.” (Back in 2017 a Twitter employee marked his last day on the job by entirely deactivating Trump’s account).

Facebook has censored Trump five times. A Trump ad attacking Antifa was removed from Instagram because it allegedly violated the platform’s “organized hate policy” by featuring an upside-down red triangle, which Facebook insisted was a covert rallying cry to neo-Nazis. The rationale: the Third Reich’s political prisoners had them stitched onto their concentration camp uniforms.  The ad asked supporters “to sign a petition and stand with your President and his decision to declare ANTIFA a terrorist organization.” By way of illustrating the social media platform’s hypocrisy, bear in mind that multiple Antifa pages that have disclosed or “doxxed” home addresses of Republican senators, administration officials and even garden variety Trump supporters remain on the platform, free to be seen and acted upon by all comers. See the tweet below for the sort of conduct Twitter not merely allows but encourages.

When Trump tweeted, “So terrible that Facebook and Twitter took down the story of ‘Smoking Gun’ emails related to Sleepy Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, in the @nypost” his tweet was canned. Twitter justified its blatantly partisan policy by claiming Trump material contained hacked materials and information that constituted privacy violations. This is the same social media that propagated every kind of third-hand anti-Trump scuttlebutt and leak since 2015, including the infamous fake “pee dossier” concocted by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, a paid British ex-spook and Russian disinformation players.

As for “our” ABC, it’s run dead on the Hunter Biden coverage. Its rationale is in its Matt Bevan piece last week, packed with insights like:

As American media outlets wrestle with whether or not to publish information being provided by the President’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and former chief White House strategist Steve Bannon, Sky News Australia, The Daily Telegraph and the Australian have happily broadcast and published their thoughts.

The ABC sleuth follows up with ad hominems about those disclosing the materials on the laptop “supposedly” belonging to Hunter Biden. Bevan spends half his article knocking down a straw man about Joe Biden and Burisma, and wants to dismiss the story because some New York Post reporters allegedly didn’t like the Post’s treatment of it.

Bevan sneers that Trump’s people got the laptop either by “incredible coincidence” or Russian collusion. That is, the Russians back in the Berlin Wall era installed a sight-impaired sleeper as PC Fix-It Man in Delaware, and got Hunter’s laptop 18 months ago. They laboriously loaded it with every sort of Biden family and business material plus selfie porn. They then arranged for Hunter to drop it for repairs at their sleeper’s repair shop, never to return for it, and for the blind man/sleeper agent to pass it to the FBI and Team Trump. That’s soooooo likely.

Magisterially, young Bevan concludes,

Either way, the information on the laptop is highly questionable. Which is why American news outlets have been hesitant to touch it. But Australian [Murdoch] media has shown no such qualms.

In other words, it’s disgraceful for anyone to report news that the left-liberal media want to censor.

The ABC has allowed a few fragments of the story to surface, sometimes as a target for attack. Days ago a new and massively researched expose of the Bidens emerged detailing a host of nefarious dealings with China. But any ABC follower will have no clue as to what – who knows – might in coming days truly be the story of the century.

Tony Thomas’s new book, Come To Think Of It – essays to tickle the brain, is available here as a book ($34.95) or an e-book ($14.95)

[i] • Nearly three-quarters of Americans say they see too much bias in the reporting of news that is supposed to be objective as “a major problem” (73%), up from 65% in the 2017 study.

[ii] In an email sent to State Department colleagues in September 2016, Acting Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Kiev, George Kent wrote: “… The presence of Hunter Biden on the Burisma board was very awkward for all US officials pushing an anti-corruption agenda in Ukraine.”

[iii] Hunter during Joe’s Vice-Presidency was entitled to secret-service escort. They accompanied him to a remarkable range of trips, including Moscow, Beijing, Doha, Paris, Seoul, Manila, Tokyo, Mexico City, Milan, Florence, Shanghai, Geneva, London, Dublin, Munich, Berlin, Bogota, Abu Dhabi, Nairobi, Hong Kong, Taipei, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Johannesburg, Brussels, Madrid, Mumbai and Lake Como. In these trips Hunter racked up more than $US4 million in “questionable financial transactions” with well-connected foreigners.

[iv] The Henniges military technology was anti-vibration systems, which were important to the F-35 stealth fighter development. The “Chinese Aviation Company” was Aviation Industry Corp of China (AVIC), the state-owned entity that produces fighter jets for the Chinese military. Partly through technology imitation and theft, China collapsed the development time of its F-35 equivalent  fighter from 19 years (US) to 9 years. Information here from a massive new exposure of the Bidens as we went to press.

[v] Schweizer, Peter. Profiles in Corruption (p. 48). Harper. Kindle Edition

The Climate Cult’s Brat Brigade

In the Iraq-Iran wars of the 1980s, Ayatollah Khomeini sent 12-year-old Iranian schoolchildren swarming into no-man’s-land to detonate the mines. The keen kids wore devotional slogans on red headbands and each carried a small metal key to open the gates of Paradise.

The analogy with enrolling Australian kids as zero-emission fanatics is not perfect. The kids’ task is not to blow themselves up but to blow up 130 years of Western progress based on reliable electricity. Still, climate cult leaders love throwing indoctrinated children into the front lines of the climate wars. These kids’ keys to the promised Green Paradise are ruinous wind and solar energy.

Right now, School Strike 4 Climate is launching a campaign called ‘Action Your Adults’ (AYA). In the words of the official email circular from someone called “Bubble”, it is “all about getting the adults in your life involved with the fight for climate justice!” Pulling the strings as usual are the zealots of GetUp!, the Youth Climate Coalition [of adults], Stop Adani and, of course, Greens organisers. The prose, meant to sound like kids’ talk, is straight out of Balmain advertising agency-speak. We learn:

An adult can mean your parent or guardian, a grandparent, an auntie or uncle, or any other person in your life that isn’t in school. It’s all about connecting with them and talking about the current crisis!

AYA [Action Your Adults] is a great way to express your concerns about the climate crisis to people in your life. It is important to keep talking about what is going on and not let the government’s destructive schemes go unnoticed.

How to get in contact with your adults? You could call or video chat with them, you could go for a walk together, or go out for coffee/lunch with them, that’s the great thing – you can do pretty much anything you want as long as you are having constructive conversations with them! We are all very excited about Action Your Adults and we hope you are too! Have a great day!

If you have kids or grandkids in the family, here’s how they’ve been briefed to advise you, in “Six Easy Steps”. The advice might come from  kiddies who only recently learnt to tie their shoelaces, or 14-year-olds redirecting their attention from TikTok and acne treatments.

When these kids ask you pleasantly, “How have you been?” and “What have you been doing recently?”, they don’t actually care, they just want to lead you in to a climate-crisis conversation (not that any “climate crisis” is in evidence). Alternatively, if you ask how they’ve been, they’re scripted to say they’re feeling anxious and frustrated about the government’s [presumably federal] anaemic response to that ‘climate emergency’. As the script tells kids, “You can use this to segue into your next points!”

Because forecasting these climate apocalypses in the year 2100 is not science but witchcraft, the kids are told to emphasise their feelings, as distinct from climate models and any quaint concern for evidence. This reminds me of the great song

Feelings, nothing more than feelings,
Teardrops rolling down on my face,
Feelings, for all my life I’ll feel it.
Feelings, wo-o-o feelings,
wo-o-o …(repeat & fade)

The kids’ Svengalis say,

Express your worries! Be personal and let this come from the heart; make it clear why you care about climate change, and be completely open with your feelings E.g. my future, my job, natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef, my health, my house/farm, etc.

Just as the phone-fake “Nicole from NBN” has a conversation tree to extract your bank details, these climate kids’ agenda is to turn you into ignorant likenesses of themselves. The script says to ask, “’Have you noticed how the environment has changed?’ This makes it personal, and lets you build on the knowledge they already have

# “Have bushfires always been this bad?” [No, only since greenies sabotaged controlled burning]

# “Was the Great Barrier Reef dying when you were my age?” [No, nor is it now]

# “Have farmers always been struggling against such bad droughts?” [Victorian floods are imminent, but don’t worry about such detail][i].

# “How has climate change impacted you?” 

# “How has [sic] opinions on the climate crisis changed since you were my age?” [Disaster was always prophesised ten years out from the present]

# If they’re from a migrant background – ask about the effects of climate change where they come from. [Don’t ask Africans, they might know that extra CO2 has caused the Sahara to shrink and green in the past 30 years by an area as big as France and Germany combined]

The authors provide a handy list of lies about climate and economics for kids to parrot:

“Let them [adults] know about the government’s proposed gas-fired recovery and why it stinks! 

* Facts/statistics are useful, so we have a list below, but put them into your own words and make sure to still keep it a casual conversation

# Morrison’s budget is proposing to spend $42 million of public money on gas

# Gas is a dirty fossil fuel which is 3x more destructive than coal [Nonsense]

# The government claims that a gas recovery will help our economy, but it will help less than 1% of manufacturing workers [that’s about 10,000 workers, who cares about 10,000 workers?]

# On top of this, climate change will cost Australia over $4 trillion unless we change, causing more intense disasters like fires, flooding and drought [arrant nonsense]

# Meanwhile renewable energy can create 3x as many Aussie jobs as fossil fuels! [Nonsense on stilts]

The kids next try to get out the adult vote — necessarily against the Coalition and preferably for the Greens.

Because this isn’t just a ‘young people’ issue – climate change will impact every single generation to come, and it affects us all now! Because we’re running out of time!

However, this chance to invest in and rebuild our economy is the ideal opportunity to ensure a just transition! [i.e. to generate omnipotent Left government]

Each kid should tell “their adult” what they should do (with exclamation marks). Don’t backslide, adults, because your kid will “follow through” to make sure Mr/Mrs Adult really does change light bulbs and mount a bike to offset China’s burgeoning emissions. Kids are then to report back to their Stasi-like masters masquerading collectively as “Bubble”, preferably with recorded conversations with their Adults. Kids also pass around their “top tip for having a productive conversation”.

The exercise is supposed to generate a deluge of emails and phone calls to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and local members, telling them to “fund our future” rather than natural gas. After all, who needs electricity at night or when the wind doesn’t blow? And every brainwashed schoolkid knows that dear electricity is better than cheap electricity.

Adults, be warned of this climate attack. Even though the enemy at the gates is from Lilliput.

 Tony Thomas’s new book, Come To Think Of It – essays to tickle the brain, is available hereas a book ($34.95) or an e-book ($14.95)

[i] Flood Summary, issued at 12:06 pm EDT on Monday 19 October 2020: ‘The following Watches/Warnings are current: Minor Flood Warning for the Kiewa River / Final Flood Warning for the Ovens and King Rivers /Final Flood Warning for the Seven and Castle Creeks / Final Flood Watch for Upper Yarra’

The ABC’s Charity Home for the Humour-Impaired

You’ve may have seen the film Crazy Rich Asians. Now get ready for a five-part ABC comedy that might accurately have been titled ‘Crazy Rich Gay Aborigines.’ ABC, Screen Australia and Screen Queensland last month announced the real title, All My Friends Are Racists as “an electric Black and queer comedy that plugs right into Zeigeist”. Production starts in Queensland in November.

The Aboriginal leading characters are gay Casey, a social influencer, and gay Belle, a budding lawyer. Says one blurb,  “They are the hottest friendship in town and the party is always at theirs. Life couldn’t get sweeter for these first-generation rich kids.” Both are obsessed with racism and make a pact to name and shame their racist friends. But it all backfires, or blackfires. Director Bjorn Stewart says we should “Look out” for the “kick-arse voice of young entitled blackfellas”. This “gloriously laugh out loud project” or maybe, bomb is costing taxpayers a bomb, not that anyone’s disclosing the figure.

The blurb refers to the Tongan/Aboriginal writer Enoch Mailangi  as “they” not “he”. A bit tongue in cheek, they says the series will show “the liberating power of young queer people of colour”. They also has some unusual turns of phrasesuch as this from their blog: “Saw a guy at the Crown getting a dry wristie. Melbourne’s actually chat.” They also sums up, “Cleverman[i]is absolute proof that Blak people on these countries are way too talented. All I really need to write is: fund us, and hand over the keys. We know what we’re doing.”[ii] The conservative-labelled federal Coalition has obliged, with the 2021 budget providing another $53 million for this sort of local film production.

We don’t know how All My Friends Are Racists will turn out but we do know how a similar ABC exercise this year has turned out, namely At Home Alone Together. This was a nine-part weekly “comedy” series about lockdown lifestyle that started in mid-May. It had some creators in common with All My Friends Are Racists.[iii] The “explosively funny” series was supposed to comprise sketches about do-it-yourself projects, wellness, kid-wrangling, and personal finances but was hijacked by creators fixated on large penises (up to two metres), fellatio and coprophilia, which you might know is “abnormal interest and pleasure in faeces and defecation.”

Don’t be ridiculous, I hear readers mutter, as if taxpayer funds give me chapter and verse of that, you say. Well, OK.

The ABC had blurbed that At Home collected “Australia’s best comedians and revered actors to give audiences advice on how they can live their best life in the time of COVID-19.” It would be “an extraordinary project for this unprecedented time,” according to ABC’s Head of Entertainment and Factual, Josie Mason-CampbellOnline Investment Manager at Screen Australia, Lee Naimo, said the show “will entertain a nation hungry for relevant content while employing a sector of the industry hungry to flex their comedy muscles. I can’t wait to see what these teams bring together in these unique circumstances.” So, Australia, says Screen Australia, come and meet your new best friends who are here to help you through the crisis!

These “new best friends” were the ABC’s usual luvvie suspects, presented by “beloved national treasure” Ray Martin, in the ABC’s tradition of paying its superannuated once-weres like Kerry O’Brien and Barry Cassidy new bucket-loads of money to clamber back on our screens. Other lefty celebs with walk-on parts included Leigh Sales, Sydney red-bandanna-man Peter FitzSimons, Dr Norman Swan and Andrew Denton, plus elderly ex-priest and friend to the Occupy movement Father Bob Maguire. 

The ABC officially recommended the episodes to 15 year olds and upwards, except for Episode 7 which was rated MA and “not suitable for people under 15”.[iv] Each episode carries a warning about any or all of “adult themes, coarse language, drug use and sex references”.

The tone is set from three minutes into Episode 1 by a Harry Potter take-off: “Why don’t you show me that big hard wand … why don’t you spank me with that.” It degenerates to Becky Lucas in role saying, “Maybe it’s another wizard girl from another house and she wants to suck your dick or lick my … I would love to give Dobbie a little gobbie…I would love to be moaning like Myrtle.”

In Episode 2 in a woman’s erotic fiction fantasy a male character opens his pants to expose his large penis, and the female says, “All right let’s have a look. My, my we have been working out! You can’t beat the real thing, welcome to cougar town.” Then she kneels to fellate him. (11.00)

I was particularly intrigued by Episode 9, in which a couple move into a “tiny house” and the male explains, “We want a house that best suits our very busy, very heterosexual lifestyle.” 16.40. Interesting, that some ABC people need to clarify that they are heterosexual.

The tiny-house couple are soon squabbling over their cramped space, and the male says, “Maybe if we moved into your vagina we would have a bit more room.” 18.00. But not a peep about this misogyny from the ABC’s hordes of gender warriors and gender police, strangely.

Orwell said that all animals are equal but some are more unequal than others. All the episodes of Home Alone are gross but some are grosser than others, like Episode 4’s “Important Message for Footballers”.   

A woman in voice-over says Home Alone has “introduced a bonk ban to keep players safe. A cup of tea is fine, vaginal contact is out.” (A full-screen graphic shows two simplified human figures  having sex in missionary position. In all instances the figures’ intercourse is animated.) “Discussing literature is all good, vigorous rogering is bad.” (The animated man enters a woman from behind while she leans against a table.) “A sunset stroll is fine, triple penetration is bad.” (A kneeling man  from behind enters a woman on all fours while the woman fellates a second standing man.) “So does that mean I can’t behave like a footballer anymore?” No, urinating in public is still fine (man urinates against a lamp post) but sex is out (woman rides man in reverse cowgirl position). Taking a dump in a hotel is fine (man defecates in a hotel corridor).  Just don’t have sex while you take the dump. (Man defecates while entering a woman from behind). Simulating sex with a dog (A standing man holds a dog waist-high), that was never really fine. “But can I still bonk if my penis is 2 metres long and I socially distance throughout the bonk?” (Man with 2m penis enters a woman from behind while she leans against a table). While we are all extremely impressed, no, that is not allowed. Come on, be a sport. Australia needs its footie back so please don’t have a sex life, so the rest of us can have a life.”

Keep in mind that the ABC actually announces that Episode 4 is “Recommended for people 15 years and over.” The sex-with-a-dog graphic calls to mind the earlier 2013 ABC incident with  Chaser Boys  mocking The Australian’s ABC critic, journalist Chris Kenny, by pasting his facial features on a man with his pants down mounting a Labradoodle. A label said: “Chris ‘Dog Fucker’ Kenny”. Kenny sued the ABC which dug in for nearly a year but finally reversed course and gave him cash and apologies.

Episode 8 features the “glory hole” in public toilets where one man can fellate another anonymously through a hole in a wall. I didn’t know about “glory holes” until 2016 when I was checking some green-gay performance art – see Sex Pistils at the Oz Council Bathhouse. The ABC “joke” substitutes handshakes through a larger wall-hole, in lieu of fellatio. The “comedy” writers — more than 50 0f them — also do a mock Four Corners exposing “the shady corporate underbelly” about frustrated business men unable to shake hands. Instead they visit the hole at a “disgusting public toilet” or “shake spot”. The hole is also large enough for banknote payments to be first passed through. Dialogue: “It’s 50 bucks for a handshake, or 70 for a nice firm one.” “What about a wet one?” “I dunno, why would you want that?” “The guy’s a freak.”

Next scene, “depraved members of amateur sporting teams” – the ABC seems to have special animus against footballers – line up at multiple holes for “consecutive shakes”. It took me a while to get the double entendre on “shakes” and wish I hadn’t.

You’re probably wondering why Episode 7 alone got that “MA” rating. It’s actually not the worst for crassness. It has a character “Mary Seymour” bragging about her “multiple lovers”, and she thanks one elderly lover for “bringing me to arousal in the shower this morning”. She tries to get a romance going for a very old lady 19.30 by giving her conversation cards reading, “What is your favorite blow-job technique?”, “Who gave you your first orgasm?” and “Are you good in bed?”

Episode 5 is particularly gross. “Mary Seymour”, 60, says: “People think things start slowing down in the bedroom but I have never been more sexually active. I love penises of all shapes and sizes (illustrated with half a dozen eclairs, from one of which she licks cream). Why have one when you can have many, I have multiple lovers and talk about them in my cabaret show, The Sixty Year Old Slut.” It continues:

Young man to Mary: I love to curl up in your arms and read a book

Mary: Well I like to see your dick and while working towards arousal get my big breasts out.  Maybe I should get into my maid’s uniform

Older man: Fuck yeah.

Mary: I have multiple lovers and that is just the way I am.

Just to prove I’m not making this up, here is the entire segment:

It’s a rare episode of Home Alone that doesn’t have half a dozen big-dick jokes. In Episode 4, for example,  bogan Nate says, “Stealing is fine — morals are only for rich people. Well that was a success. I nearly got pinched for the salami (pulls a huge salami out of pants) but I just told them that I had a really big dong.”  He wobbles the foot-long salami like an erect penis. A placard says, “Nate says: Pretend salami is your dick.”

In Episode 5, TV gardener Costa Georgiadis is naked but with pixelated privates. He prunes his pubic hair with a brush-cutter. The sketch cuts to Ray Martin fingering Christmas decorations and saying, “Nice balls.”

In Episode 8,  Ray Martin pretends to audition as another character, Jason, saying, “Hey I’m Jason, you wanna see my (bleeping) dick?”

In Episode 7, character “Mary Seymour” says, “I think girls of all ages should have a nice big juicy bum. One (lover) had a penis of normal size and the other penis was pretty small.”

Episode 6 could be sub-titled ‘Defecation City’. At 2.50 minutes in and we get a “parenting tip” from an actor sitting on the toilet: “Doing a poo is a great way to talk shit on-line.” Six minutes later, and actress Becky Lucas in charcater discussing with her beau why a fly landed on her. “What are flies attracted to?” and they both reply, “Like shit, turd, poop, poo.” Beau says, “Maybe I have equated you with that in my head now. You are shit so I’m moving on.”

A couple of minutes later there’s a sketch of an adult sister saying to her  adult brother, “You make me feel like I want to take a shit on your head.” Their emotion chart reads “Pooping, Horny, Anger, Sadness.” Episode 8 ends with a placard, “F*ck that’s yum as sh*t.”

The ABC has signed up with Reconciliation Australia for the most stringent pro-Aboriginal pledge (called Elevate Reconciliation Action Plan) and laboriously ticks boxes and compiles statistics for each Aboriginal appearing on-air. Hence Aboriginal actors and characters swarm the nine episodes. It turns out that even Ray Martin has an Aboriginal great-great-grandmother. The most groan-worthy sketch is in Episode 7, which has Aboriginal medico “Dr Beau Thorne” discovering the long-awaited COVID vaccine. At the press conference the reporters focus instead on his Aboriginality and in frustration he too forgets his vaccine discovery and fulminates about Aboriginal poverty and Uluru Statements. The dialogue has leftists’ leadenly correct humor:

Reporter: We are currently seeing Black Lives Matter protests around the globe, as the broader community pushes back against police brutality. Do you have any advice on dealing with police harassment?

Aboriginal medico Dr Thorne: I am not expert on how to handle police brutality, let’s keep it about the vaccine not about my heritage.

Reporter: Would you say this is a great day for all indigenous Australians?

Dr Thorne: I would say a great day for everyone. As a [Tribe inaudible] man myself, it is more about the vaccine than my heritage…

Alleged comedy imitates life: if the above scene played out in the real world, the ABC itself would go nuts to push the Aboriginal angle.

It’s also noteworthy that some of the Aborigines getting opportunities from government-funded arts/media gigs are not slow to cry ‘racism’ at their own sponsors. Last June Enoch Mailangi, now creating and writing the new All My Friends Are Racist show, helped organise a petition accusing the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) of ‘systemic and institutionalised racism’. The petition said it was “deeply troubling” that NIDA had not spoken more loudly on the Black Lives Matter movement. “Your neutrality has been complicit in white supremacist and colonial violence, where you could have had a greater impact than the tokenism of the institute,” the letter said.

Kodie Bedford, also known as Aunty Kodie, is All My Friends writer and co-producer.  She is the one-time SBS cadet circa 2008 who blew up SBS last June with claims she and other Aborigines there had been horrifically patronised and mistreated with micro-aggressions. “We felt like the dopey blackfellas in the corner, ticking boxes,” she wrote. “I’ve been told nothing’s changed.” Both NIDA and SBS fell over themselves to grovel and atone.

In Home Alone, Christianity is much mocked, as you would expect, with the cooperation of elderly real-life Father Bob Maguire (RC). Zingers he delivers include mock confessionals like

# “Hail Marys for everyone, what you saw in the confessional stays in the confessional except for the bits I use. You can shut down our life but you can’t shut down salvation.” (Episode 2)

# “Absolution for all, because they can shut down our lives but they can’t shut down our afterlife.” (Episode 3)

The ABC “comedians” don’t mock Islam. The Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris were probably a disincentive.

It hardly needs saying that the Home Alone “comedy” writers pile up the Green-Left propaganda: this is, after all, their ABC.

Episode 1 mocks Trump over his mention of bleach and Covid-19, and says, “We understand why a white supremacist president might think a whitening agent is the solution to all of life’s problems…” There is nothing funny about the  “white supremacist” jibe: it is a particularly wicked slander. Trump has denounced white supremacy countless times, his record is unequivocal. His second term pledge includes naming the KKK as a terrorist organisation. The ABC meanwhile gives Joe Biden a free pass on all his genuinely racist comments, like telling an African-American radio host last May, “Well I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

The ABC “comedians” continue to turn truth inside out. Episode 6 opens with video of Trump walking slightly unsteadily downstairs, which they mock with plink-plunk music as “a new shuffle dance craze that perfectly captures America’s decline.” Whatever Trump’s weaknesses, lack of virility is not one of them. Again, ABC viewers would never know this, but Trump’s foe Joe Biden keeps rambling incoherently in mid-sentence in what seems to be early symptoms of age-related mental decline. That’s why nearly all his public appearances are tightly scripted and he uses a teleprompter even for his supposedly spontaneous answers.

Episode 8 has a peculiar segment where Ray Martin jokingly claims he’s been personally spreading the virus to VIPs. He shows a pic of Vice-President Pence and Prince Charles and says he’s “often having a good sniff of their hair before infecting them from a vial.” As those getting their news from the ABC would not know, Trump’s Democrat foe Joe Biden is notorious for sniffing the hair of women and small girls, while doing and saying creepy things to girls around puberty. Martin’s line about “having a good sniff of their hair” must have originated from Biden’s fetishes but the “comedy” writers got cold feet and deleted any Biden reference. That leaves Martin’s “good sniff” remark hanging in mid-air.

It is standard for ABC comedy to mock conservatives like Alan Jones, but never leftist celebrities. Jones is excoriated in Episode 4: “After a 30 year long career of being a professional bully, I am retiring as Australia’s No 1 inciter of race riots.” Home Alone also slanders Andrew Bolt and Australian Spectator editor Rowan Dean as racists: “TV shows promoting contemporary racism are still fine to flourish”, says the voiceover to a picture of Bolt and Dean (Episode 6). Prime Minister Morrison is mocked for his religion by juxtaposing a painting of Jesus with arm raised against the pic of Morrison worshipping, eyes shut, with arm raised at church. (Episode 5).

This being their ABC, its “comedians” also insert whining lines about ABC, which has only a billion dollars-plus every year to bless itself with.

# “Enjoy ABC Kids before it’s defunded!”

# Martin: “That’s it for a week. Sadly due to ABC budget cuts that’s the end of the Auslan [sign language] services as well.”

# Placard: “Ray Martin, sadly surviving the ABC cuts.”

Other targets for the “comedy” writers’ leaden wit include cruise ship owners and Uber (I’m not sure why), bogans wearing “I am the greatest” caps, Southern US survivalists and an evangelical pastor who says wittily, “Jesus has been going through our Prime Minister again to provide you with $25,000 to renovate your home.” Another pathetic sketch satirises TV ads for cigarettes, which were banned in Australia 44 years ago, before most of the ABC “comedy” team were born.

These targets are not exactly dangerous, unlike, say, Premier Dan Andrews, Islam or Labor branch-stacking. The final installment, Episode 9, is the only one about lockdowns where Andrews, the architect of Victoria’s lockdown disaster and hundreds of deaths, gets a mention. But ABC comedians, parading the yellow stripe down their back, merely show Dictator Dan doing his put-down of South Australians, “Why would you want to go there?”  The ABC “comedy” writers mock conservative radio man Alan Jones (Episode 4) for saying Julia Gillard should be dropped at sea in a chaff bag, when one of the ABC’s own At Home team, the show’s actress/scriptwriter Becky Lucas, has done the equivalent with added profanity.[v] Idly googling , I found that in September 2018 she’d been banned by Twitter (unusually for a leftist) over the tweets below:

These artists will typically whine to conservative ministers for funds and then use those funds to excoriate the government in vilest terms.

Another example of the ABC’s lack of self awareness: in righteous mode the “comedy” writers say, (Episode 5): “You don’t have to wear a [inaudible] or underpay your staff to be a food expert on TV.” Good point except didn’t the ABC itself get caught underpaying 1800 casuals $12 million?

The ABC’s luvvie Ray Martin opens the Home Alone series draped in the British flag, and holding aloft a toilet plunger and toilet roll. I couldn’t work out why the taxpayer-funded show was being childishly offensive to one of our allies, but it turns out Martin a decade ago was a “passionate” republican and advocate for an Australian flag minus the Union Jack. Martin beclowned himself at the time by predicting that New Zealanders would junk their equivalent flag in an impending referendum. “No doubts about the result,” he gloated. Whoops! The 2016 NZ vote went 57-43 against changing the flag.

Maybe the point about Martin’s Union Jack is that ABC “comedy” writers are obsessed with toilet humor. Their anti-British theme pops up again in Episode 5 with this zinger:  “As the fight for black rights continues around the globe, we look at how Australians took Monday off to celebrate a powerful, rich, white Englishwoman.” Pic inserted of 94-year-old Queen Elizabeth. I don’t know what her “powerfulness” consists of. 

Meanwhile, Martin simpered his way through the show reading humble-brags on the auto-cue about his Five Gold Logies for TV popularity, his books, his arty portrait and his fame [vi]. The ABC promotes him as beloved national treasure Ray Martin”. It happened that in 2015 QandA producer Peter McEvoy smuggled ex-gaol bird  and one-time terror suspect  Zaky Mallah into the audience to ambush Tony Abbott’s minister Steve Ciobo.  This scandal was such that the ABC commissioned an audit of QandA practices and biases.[vii] And who should it select as co-auditor? Why, its own “beloved national treasure” Ray Martin. He reasoned that QandA “obviously needs more money” (and many more Green parliamentarians on the panels). Here’s what the holder of the toilet plunger put his name to:

Overall we have found QandA to be a responsible, professional production that strives to meet the standards expected of it by the ABC and by the wider community … The most commonly expressed criticism is that the program lacks impartiality and maintains a left wing anti-Coalition bias. We believe, after close analysis, this general impression is not substantiated.

Martin walked off with an auditor’s fee from the ABC of $30,000. How odd that a corporation chose as QandA inspector its beloved ex-staffer.  And now it’s thrown more money at Martin to front this lame and grubby Home Alone series. We’ll never know what Martin and the “comedy” team charged for the nine episodes, unless maybe an Estimates Committee in Canberra takes an interest.

Martin signs off the final Home Alone episode, “We’ve all had a lot of fun  bringing this show to you, I would not change any of it for the world.” He wouldn’t, but I’d definitely change the bit about footballers entering women from behind while defecating. And I’d get rid of all the big-penis jokes. And the anti-Trump lies. All of the nine parts, actually.

Sex aside, Episode 7 has the best line of the show. Garden guru Costa Georgiadis says to Ray Martin: “This celery is just like your show. It’s limp, there’s nothing new about it. It leaves a nasty stale taste in your mouth.”

Tony Thomas’s new book, Come To Think Of It – essays to tickle the brain, is available here as a book ($34.95) or an e-book ($14.95) 

[i] TV six-part drama Cleverman “reimagines several stories of the Aboriginal Dreamtime in a modern, superheroic context, and reflects on racism, asylum seekers and border protection. — Wikipedia.”

[ii]  Mailangi: “It’s not validation we’re looking for, it’s unconditional control and agency over our creative projects and our narratives.”

[iii] At Home had 13 directors, 11 producers  and nearly 50 writers.

[iv] “M” is “Mature” and of moderate impact. “MA 15+” is strong impact and children under 15 require a guardian present.

[v] Eddie Maguire, Collingwood Football Club president, in June 2016 said on radio he’d pay anyone $50,000 to drown AFL writer Caroline Wilson. ABC comedians don’t hold that against him while they still excoriate Alan Jones for his 2011 Gillard comment. I don’t claim either man was being serious.

[vi] Ray Martin worked for the ABC from 1965-1978, including 10 years as a news correspondent in North America. He was a founding presenter with Channel 9’s 60 Minutes in 1978, and was later the host of The Midday ShowA Current Affair and The Ray Martin Show.

[vii] The program’s executive producer, Peter McEvoy, had already got a formal warning under the ABC’ s misconduct provisions, and Martin and co-auditor Shaun Brown, ex-SBC, did not revisit the Mallah business.

Turning Kids’ Grey Matter a Mushy Green

Tony Thomas

Australian schools in the past decade have forced literally millions of kids to watch Al Gore’s error-riddled propaganda movie, An Inconvenient Truth. In 2007 an outraged English truck driver and parent took the education minister to the High Court in 2007 over the film’s gross inaccuracies, with Justice Burton ordering UK teachers must not show it without first warning kids it is politically partisan and contains nine significant errors. Those include Gore’s absurd claim that many low-lying Pacific island populations had already been  evacuated to New Zealand. Despite his vast wealth, Gore has never edited prints of his film to remove the errors.

No such mandatory warnings have accompanied Australian screenings. The Australian Academy of Science, our supposed bulwark against science misinformation, has made no objection to the brainwashing, although its president rushed to condemn a sceptic equivalent film in 2007.

The propaganda cycle is now being repeated. Kids in class are being drenched with Damon Gameau’s saccharine documentary 2040 about purported solutions to a purported climate crisis. The film doesn’t actually tell kids, “Vote Green”, but it calls for strong new political leadership. “Wouldn’t it be terrific if new leaders emerge who could navigate us to a better 2040,” Gameau hints.

Pushing the film into classrooms is Cool Australia, which has provided teachers with at least 32 ready-to-use lessons based on the documentary. The film is backed and part-funded by bedfellows, the Australian and Victorian governments.

Gameau reveals his inner Zeitgeist in interviews, which include an urge to re-shape our democratic ways. He imagines a “shift from a society built upon industry to a life-sustaining civilisation” which he called “The Great Turning”. As he spoke at Byron Bay (where else?) a year ago, a certain Olivia Rosebery “boldly stood in the audience” and sang her own song, ‘No more need for greed and hunger if we respect the Mother’s ways.’”

In an interview last May regarding COVID-19, he likes all the “silver linings”. He says,

Do we really need all these things, this excess of all these things we’re told are going to make us happy? In fact, I’m happier with a lot less of this stuff. And that excess is the very thing that would be destroying us ecologically…. So, I think that’s been a great win. So, how do we take this time to now rebuild with a lot more resilience … with food or energy or even our democracy. This is the time to have those discussions and think quite radically. And thankfully some countries and regions around the world are doing that.

Interviewer: What is bringing you hope during these unprecedented times?

Gameau: I would say, the fact that we do have closed shops, the streets are empty and we’ve got these silent skies. I think that’s a clue that we do care about each other, somewhere deep down…

As a documentary, his 2040 would normally be laughed away, but played in class to susceptible kids from about age 6 upwards, it’s pernicious. He’s also happy to do speeches on how to save the planet. But, “Please note that a speaker fee will be applicable.”

This essay will first detail the workings of leftist lobby Cool Australia, then analyse the content of 2040.

Few parents know that Education Departments around Australia have farmed out much of their kids’ schooling to green/Left lobbies. The most significant is Cool Australia, operating in 8400 primary and secondary schools —  90 per cent of all schools. Nearly half our teachers use the lessons, downloading them 2.1 million of them last year.[i]

Cool Australia delivers’s a win-win for everyone except Coalition supporters. Its agenda is anti-capitalism, anti-growth, and anti-coal, gas and petroleum. It’s pro the re-writing of the Constitution for the benefit of the Aboriginal industry, and watering down our Western heritage in favor of a licorice allsorts multi-culturalism. Cool Australia’s CEO and founder, Jason Kimberley, boasts how Cool turns kids into green activists, whether or not they’ve yet learnt to tie their shoelaces.[ii]   The video below shows how it’s done.

While most of Cool Australia’s ready-to-use topics are innocuous or praiseworthy, recall that the Antifa and BLM mobs now torching US cities are “mostly peaceful”. Our kids are lining up as Greens cadets, demanding “zero carbon” and the up-ending of two centuries of capitalist progress. Another example is Cool Australia’s foisting the anarchism of dark-green Canadian raver Naomi Klein onto teens and pre-teens.

I’ve been documenting Cool Australia’s work for half a decade (herehere, here) and have noticed how the organisation has ratcheted up in the past year by pushing into classes a barking-mad climate “documentary” called 2040. The film, after five years’ gestation, sports high production values, cute actors and storyline. It’s had respectful reviews in the New York Times and LA Times and, according to Gameau, ‘the UN is going to show three minutes [of it] to all world leaders’. Taxpayers paid for some of it via the Australian Government and Screen Australia and the Victorian Government and Film Victoria.[iii] Below is a sample of what taxpayers got for their money.

Cool’s 32 lessons are half an hour or more.[iv] Add the kids’ viewing of the entire 92-minute film, and a typical nipper might tangle with this travesty for  a full day of school. Never mind the 3Rs, where Australian kids’ performance is sliding internationally.

The Cool Australia charity was founded in 2008 by Just Jeans heir[v] and climate alarmist Jason Kimberley, now teamed with leftist warriors including WWF, Earth Hour and the Human Rights Commission, and titans like Google, Atlassian and Foxtel. Cool Australia gets into classes on-line with 1400 ready-to-use lessons tapped by 120,000 teachers for 3.2 million kids.

Cool Australia has only eight full-time staff, $1.3 million in revenue (none from government) and a flock of savvy pedagogues. (Charity watchdog ChangePath rates it zero stars out of three for transparency). But Cool Australia has leveraged its way into almost all schools by mapping its free lessons according to teachers’ required curricula. Because of a mandatory cross-curricula priority for “sustainability”, Cool Australia is pushing against an open door. The priorities were designed in 2008-09 by Julia Gillard and state Labor governments.

At a recent gathering with Cool Australia, the former president of the Education Union, Angelo Gavrielatos, is quoted by Jason Kimberley, “Only UNICEF has a greater school’s penetration and they had a 50-year head start … You are, quite seriously, the good guys in education.”

Cool Australia saves teachers 1.65 million hours of lesson-preparations yearly, and plugs the yawning holes in their worldly knowledge with its own climate, refugee, “global citizenship” and gender tropes. Teachers love it, since about 45 per cent of them are teaching outside their expertise and three-quarters complain of unmanageable workloads. Says one teacher: “I haven’t touched Geography since the mid 1980s, and there I was, explaining resources – with an eventual focus on water – to Year 7! Cool Australia rescued me at a time of dire need and ever so slight panic.”

The Human Rights Commission is notorious for its years-long persecution of innocent Queensland University of Technology students who complained on social media about being kicked out of an Indigenous-only computer room.[vi] Cool Australia quotes ex-HRC head Gillian Triggs, “With values such as empathy, collaboration and real world learning there [has been] a close synergy with Cool Australia. In just a few months, our animated video, interactive time-line and lesson plans reached more than 1,200 schools.” This HRC grievance-mongering involved 640,000 students and 14,000 lessons.

Cool Australia’s overt goal is to turn kids into child soldiers in the culture wars, via its “unique action-based pedagogy”. Jason Kimberley says, “Cool Australia’s role is to educate in a way that empowers young people to take agency and tackle the many challenges that urgently require twenty-first century skills. Our focus is always on what can be done.”

Cool Australia’s surveys show that after absorbing its materials, 70 to 80 per cent of kids adopt its positions, change their behaviour towards social and environmental issues, and are ready “to take action”. Here’s from a set of guides for 10-to-12 12 year olds, most unable or unwilling to put their singlets in the wash.

Step 1: Think about some of the big issues that are facing the world at the moment. How can we ensure that the world’s population can have its basic needs around food, water, housing, clothing, employment, education and health met whilst also looking after the environment and reducing the effects of climate change? … Your idea could aim to make a change in your house, your street, your school or your neighbourhood.

A mainstream Cool Australia cause is Earth Hour, when the woke folk dispense with electricity for 60 minutes (renewables’ unreliability is already achieving that). But Cool Australia’s Earth Hour folderol by last year had reached 2.3 million kids via 50,000 downloaded lessons.[vii]

 Now let’s get back to the 2040 doco. By time travelling into the future, the film can pretend that every green policy works. Make way for rainbows and unicorn stampedes! Its climate solutions include swapping steaks for seaweed and pulling down levels of evil CO2 to return the atmosphere to 350ppm CO2 (now 412ppm). That’s some feat.

To scare and prime the kids, the perceived status quo is from Al Gore’s climate-porn: allegedly CO2-caused cyclones, floods, droughts, acid oceans, bushfires, melted ice-caps and those long-foreseen but invisible millions of climate refugees. While touting its message as positive, there’s enough doom-talk in this film to give kids and even credulous adults a lot of what Gameau calls “climate grief”.

The end-result of the solutions in 2040 is ecstatic kids literally playing ring-a-rosy in the park (I’m not making that up) and birds twittering in a car-less CBD (ditto). Car parks become vege plots and push-bikers wave to sharers of electric driverless cars. Trucks? Who needs those when we live in green self-sufficient communes?

In the plotline 2040‘s protagonist helps his real-life 4-year-old daughter, Velvet, to navigate through climate perils to his 20-years-hence nirvana. He spends half the film in airports and planes to Bangladesh, Stockholm etc. He’s begged off the guilts by using carbon credits and planting a few trees to save 90 tonnes of CO2 by 2040. China happens to be putting out 10 billion tonnes CO2 a year, but Gameau doesn’t mention China once. Here’s how director Gameau shows kids how to deal with sceptics.

# Governments spend $10 million a minute subsidising fossil fuels.

He doesn’t say which governments or which currency, but it looks like $A5.3 trillion a year. Australia’s total GDP is only $2 trillion.

# US fossil fuel vested interests are now spending $US1 billion a year preventing us from lowering emissions, using the tobacco-lobby playbook of creating doubt and confusion.

This $US1 billion appears sourced from a debunked 2013 paper by “environmental sociologist” Robert J. Brulle in the journal Climatic Change.[viii] He added up the total spending of 91 US conservative organisations instead of their fractional spending on climate, and mysteriously lumped even arch alarmist James Hansen among his list of “deniers”.[ix]The tobacco analogy is febrile hand-waving from Naomi Oreskes in her Merchant of Doubttract, 2010.

# Sceptics create websites full of misinformation like claiming the science is not settled and that climate-peril is a religion.

No science is settled, as Einstein would vouch. The IPCC’s now-disgraced skirt-chasingleader Rajendra Pachauri himself said his cause was religious.[x]

# Exxon-Mobil finances multiple “denier” groups to make it look like “denialism” has broad support.

The oil giant funded 43 skeptic groups with a total $US16 million from 1998 to 2005. That was $US260,000 a year per group and it ceased 15 years ago. For perspective, Australia’s climate princess, Dr Joelle “Paper Withdrawn” Gergis, got $A692,000 taxpayer money just for one study, which she had to retract in 2012 because of statistical flaws pointed out by skeptics, and she re-did it over the subsequent four years 2013-16. Renewables are now a $US1.5 trillion per year juggernaut. Meanwhile, world-leading skeptic bloggers like JoNova (Perth), Paul Homewood (UK) and Anthony Watts (US) mostly live off tip jars.

# “Deniers” create algorithms and “bots” masquerading as humans to populate the web with climate falsehoods.

The source list points to a 2011 blog post. Its content is just nuts].

The film’s “fact-based dreaming” has spooky or inspirational music to reinforce its messages. It starts with Gameau’s house getting filled with choking smoke after he stokes his fireplace. That represents rising CO2. He mourns that little daughter Velvet will be facing “a deteriorating environment” as ice caps “melt faster than scientists predicted”. That’s odd as the Arctic ice extent has been stable for half a decade and the Antarctic is cooling, not heating.

The oceans, which are alkaline anyway, we’re told are getting so acidic that its animals struggle to make their shells (nonsense). In fact NOAA concedes the historic ocean pH measurements are unreliable, so no conclusions are possible.[xi]

Sea rise, continues the flick, threatens “hundreds of millions” of people. (The UNEP in 2005 predicted a 50 million horde of climate refugees by 2010. When none showed up, it sneakily changed their arrival date to 2020. Now they’d better advance it again to 2030).

Every ten minutes Gameau interviews some of his 100-kid stockpile in the six-to-eleven age bracket, and they repeat memes from adults, like

Ten-year-old girl: “I would like for the government to have done something on global warming and pollution as now I think they are not really doing anything about it.” [Except waste $US1 trillion a year]

“I don’t want to see people eating meat because that is from animals.” [Gameau says we’ll be salivating over “pretty convincing” meat substitutes].

 “The sea looks like a big big mess.”

“The beach would not be the same if you could not swim in the water and whales are all gone.”

 “I wish they would stop killing off animals and forests like that. That would be cool.”

Gameau comments without irony: “It’s sobering to learn how pre-occupied kids are with the state of the planet.”

Daughter Velvet, berates a guilty adult: “What were you guys thinking?”

Adult (shame-facedly): “Well sometimes we weren’t.”

Gameau’s first solution is from Bangladesh (would we all just love to live like Bangladeshis? OK, probably not), which he celebrates for deploying “solar microgrids” powering what looks like 15W light globes. (The others enjoy fossil-fired mains 220V power. Renewables in Bangladesh are currently 2.5 per cent of its electricity capacity, and the renewables target is only 10 per cent.[xii] Mustn’t tell schoolkids that inconvenient truth, Mr Gameau.

His narrative also claims that somehow we will get those all-important solar household batteries “so cheap you are not even going to notice”. The cost of a battery system: currently between $2000 and $20,000., which are certainly numbers large even to be noticed. Many countries, he dreams, could be close to 100 per cent renewables by 2040, presumably when the sun will be shining at night and the wind never stops.

He trots out a succession of “experts”, like Oxford’s Dr Kate Raworth. She’s a “renegade economist”  and “the brain behind the widely influential theory of Doughnut Economics.” She plans for a free economy where the value created is shared more equitably, granting prosperity to everyone in the world without climate change or pollution, the film says.

Cars are scrapped or converted to electric drive (wow, what would the mechanic charge?). The film provides another of those wonderful ‘peak oil’ forecasts:  “If no-one buys (normal) cars, oil demand will peak and go down dramatically and never come back”. We will have “less road rage” and actually hear birds singing in the city. (The flick’s sound editor splices helpfully “tweet, tweet” into the sound-track at this point).

Another of Gameau’s talking heads is author/film-maker Helena Norberg-Hodge, who “has been promoting an economics of personal, social and ecological well-being for more than 30 years.” She pushes purer living patterns in both “North and South” hemispheres, according to her blurb, which explains she mastered her green methods over decades of work in Ladakh, Kashmir, which is famous for its religious mask-dancing and weaving. Her books include Learning from Ladakh and the rather ambitious Schooling the World.

Australian actress, Davini Malcolm, plays a shaman in Gameau’s film. She was born “Lindy” but received the name “Davini” from her Indian spiritual teacher, Osho, in 1994. She went on to help produce and write the 13-part children’s TV Series Teenie Weenie Greenies and do a film, Lotus Birth, of her experience having twins in the bath. The births were preceded by her partner, Peter, and their two boys around the piano singing what the DVD notes call their famous and delightful “fart song”.

In 2040 a glum fellow Eric Toensmeier lectures our kids that “even if we ceased all our human emissions altogether, cut emissions to zero, we would still be toast” because we’ve passed some phony tipping point “and on our way to a point of no return”. So we have to sequester and store existing “carbon” (he means CO2 but only nerds do chemistry). Experts describe how to “flip” global crop and livestock farming to cut emissions through soil regeneration and fence-free cattle grazing. Gameau’s case study is Cole Seis who has reworked his 2000 acres at Shepparton and claims savings of over $2 million – except “I don’t know where the $2 million went,” he says.[xiii]

 The future-stepping Velvet explains that someone did get stung for the costs of all this transformation: “Those who polluted our era with excess carbon [she means CO2] had to pay a penalty and the money raised paid farmers to clean our air.” This innovative economic planning is acompanied by vision of “smoke” aka steam, billowing from a coal-fired power station.

Next up is marine permaculture for the oceans “to get the overturning circulation going again”, quite a task. A 100 square kilometre patch of oceanic desert between Australia and America would be switched to permaculture, producing food to stave off those “unprecedented numbers of [climate] refugees”, according to Gameau. Seaweed farms flourish for thousands of kilometres in the Bay of Bengal and around the coast of Africa, contributing to ‘thriving local economies’.

The film’s explanatory notes say, “Kelp and seaweed are nature’s climate warriors … Researchers estimate that if 9 per cent of the world’s ocean surfaces were used for seaweed farming, we would be removing 53 billion tonnes of CO2 per year from the atmosphere.” Hmm, what’s 9 per cent of the oceans? On my estimate, four times the size of Australia. That’s a challenge.

Cool Australia tells kids:

Students will investigate the relationship between seaweed farming, the health benefits of eating seaweed and climate change. They will use this info to develop an infographic that uses numbers to convince their peers to eat more seaweed.

Can we surmise Cool Australia founder Jason Kimberley does his bit by lunching on kelp and algae? Somehow I doubt it.

De-commissioned oil rigs, we learn, “become exciting tourist destinations for those keen to explore marine life.” Who needs silly old oil and plastics? Newsreader Angela Pippos is wheeled on to read this fake script: “Big banks continue to take a hit as the public shifts its money away from organisations that support fossil fuels.”

But no flick, even 2040, can be all bad. It earns my one-star review for urging that Third World girls be educated for later marriage and family planning. It shows Nobel Peace-winning Malala Yousafzai saying, “One pen can change the world.” I’d like to know which religionist shot Malala in the head and why, but that’s a message too far for Gameau and Cool Australia.

He closes his concoction with rapturous music and vision of youngsters of all colors and creeds dancing in a hi-tech ambience through a forest. One white-clad 20-something grows from her shoulder-blades giant butterfly wings that actually flap. Gameau rhapsodises that this generation is “celebrating regeneration” (geddit?) because CO2 levels are coming down. This must be the cheesiest movie clip ever made or even imaginable.

Gameau leaves his world-straddling Boeing at the airport and heads home to start planting stuff, as distinct from planting stuff in kids’ heads. There are so many helpers involved in this 92-minute mock epic that ten minutes are needed for the closing credits.

Cheryl Lacey is an education strategist and author of Marching Schools Forward (Connor Court, 2019). She comments:

Whether schools are being used by Al Gore, Cool Australia, Gillard, the Greens, or even the Liberal party, the truth is that schools have become nothing more than a playing field for power and wealth distribution. This ‘child abuse’ isn’t new. Education’s been bastardised for at least 50 years: the Greens especially have  deeply penetrated young minds.  It’s no surprise that 90% of all schools are buying into Cool Australia’s propaganda. Just print and distribute. No teaching required. As for thinking? Impossible.

Remarks in Tagespiegel article from Germany last week seem quite applicable to Australian schools. The former Potsdam Climate Institute Director, Prof. Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber is quoted: “The closing of ranks of science and youth in the fight for a new society that is sustainable in its management and living is like a ‘big bang’. We need these heroes and heroines who are not even of age”.

Tagespeigel comments,

These minors are well organized in their own schools – that is their basis. But something has changed fundamentally. Whereas ten years ago, the climate and environment clubs in the schools themselves were not taken seriously by students and particularly frequented, today they are the smallest units from which mobilization and organization for the big demonstrations are done. (Translation by Pierre Gosselin, Notrickszone)

I know conservative politicians are timid but why are they supporting schools’ campaign for their own extinction?

Tony Thomas’s new book, Come To Think Of It – essays to tickle the brain, is available here as a book ($34.95) or an e-book ($14.95)

[i] Cool Australia Impact Report, 2019

[ii] Impact Report: “The outcome is better engaged students who commit to individual and community action. This approach goes beyond a simple transfer of knowledge. It builds on an individual’s capacity for transformational change.”

[iii] Some items I’ve tracked include Film Victoria: 2018-19, $22,000; 2017-18, $88,000; 2016-17, $10,000. Screen Australia, 2016-17, $15,000 (development), unstated (production).

[iv] In a search, “2040” comes up in 64 lessons

[v] Craig Kimberley sold his Just Jeans empire for $64m in 2001. 

[vi] The HRC also trawled for complaints about The Australian’s cartoonist Bill Leak, who died of a heart attack during the furore.

[vii] Cool Australia Impact Report, 2019

[viii] Institutionalizing delay: foundation funding and the creation of U.S. climate change counter-movement organizations

[ix] Hansen is known as “the father of the global warming movement” from his 1988 testimony to Congress.

[x] Pachauri: ‘For me the protection of Planet Earth, the survival of all species and sustainability of our ecosystems is more than a mission. It is my religion and my dharma.’ 

[xi] The data collected prior to 1989 are typically not well documented and their metadata is incomplete; therefore, such data are of unknown and probably variable quality.

[xii] 48 power plants with a combined generation capacity of 16,875 megawatts (MW) are under construction in Bangladesh. State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid says the power division has been working on uninterrupted, reliable and quality power at reasonable and affordable prices.

[xiii] “Colin Seis discovered a new way of farming after his 2,000-acre family farm burned to the ground in a devastating bushfire. The disaster forced Colin to rethink his approach and develop a radical new farming technique. It was so successful it became a global agricultural movement, known as ‘pasture cropping’.”

The apotheosis of Adam “Stager” Goodes

The Apotheosis of Adam ‘Stager’ Goodes

Climate is not the only topic where school systems set out to establish a dominant narrative. They also want to inculcate in kids that Western society is racist. Here’s an example of how it’s done — in the face of evidence that Australians are among the least racist in the world.

The cult of Indigenous footballer Adam Goodes is cranking up. Last week Vincent Namatjira’s crude portrait of Goodes (above) as social-justice saint won the Archibald Prize which, in this instance, might have been retitled the Black Lives Matter Sycophancy Prize. Namatjira was inspired to paint Goodes after watching last year’s documentary on Goodes by Ian Darling: The Final Quarter. It re-ran on NITV a week ago and will be rescreened again there shortly.

Melbourne’s Herald Sun has just given Goodes a two-page color spread modelling nice clothes. The writer’s beatitude began, in all seriousness,

The legend of Adam Goodes permeates deep and wide within the Australian psyche … And so he looms like a Greco-Roman god: a figure of worship…

Complainer-in-chief Stan Grant’s The Australian Dream, last year’s rival weepy tribute to Goodes, is streaming on Apple TV, Microsoft and YouTube. On August 28, UK-based Monocle magazine featured Goodes as its “Big Interview” on global radio. He was on BBC Sport in June. In the same month his face was painted on the side of a Sydney house.

This essay is in no way an attack on Swans’ ex-star Goodes, who had indeed suffered from overt and covert racist incidents since school – albeit none for eight years of his AFL stardom. He’s led a model life, supports Aboriginal charities and sadly, retired prematurely from football at end-2015 because booing in 2014-15 destroyed his peace of mind and love of the game. But the booing does not prove footie fans were racist, let alone Australians generally. And Goodes as urger of “treaties” and Constitution changes is no more entitled to a free pass than any other political lobbyist.

It’s in Australian schools where the myth-making about Goodes is at its zenith. Cool Australia, the third-party supplier of pre-cooked materials for teachers, is providing no fewer than 52 lessons extolling Goodes, based largely on The Final Quarter movie. As Cool Australia recommends to teachers: “Make sure you can darken the room. Play it LOUD.”[1]

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Director Ian Darling paints Australians as racist by the usual cinematic tricks of material put in or left out, snazzy or moody editing, and inspirational background music. Meanwhile the ABC has run amok with lessons for schools carrying the same messages about our racism and need for a racially tweaked Constitution. Between Cool Australia and the ABC, kids from the ages of 5 to 17 could be blasted for close to half a school week in total with films about Goodes, plus the pre- and post-conditioning sessions and the spin-off lessons.[2]

Teachers themselves are expected to spend even greater slabs of time slavering over the film. They will also teach kids to make their own didactic (i.e. propaganda) movies about racism, climate, asylum seekers and the usual grab-bag of leftist tropes.[3]

The film’s subsidiary message is nakedly political: that the Constitution be changed to benefit Aborigines (at least three-quarters of whom are city or regional-dwellers). This new racially-based Constitution will somehow “unify” Australia. Director Darling and Goodes want a “First Nations Voice to Parliament”, in line with the “Uluru Statement from the Heart” involving treaties and constitutional change “to empower our people”.[4] Cool’s 52 separate lessons implant these ideas. Cool uses definitions provided by Aboriginal lobby Reconciliation Australia to show kids that any opposition to treaties and “black armband” history is racist.[5]

Over at the ABC, its unaccountable ‘Education Unit’ is run by ex-history teacher Annabel Astbury with some seven or eight staffers and a $1.2m budget base. It “works closely” with the Victorian and NSW Education Departments (whatever that means) on mapping its projects (whatever that means) to the national curriculum. It’s currently foisting Bruce Pascoe’s Dark Emu farrago on classrooms. Peter O’Brien, author of the forensic take-down Bitter Harvest, describes Dark Emu’s tale of pre-colonial town-dwelling Aboriginal farmers as “egregiously fraudulent.”  As a sample of the awe in which Ms Astbury holds Dark Emu‘s fauxboriginal fraudster, here she is singing the praises of his dishonest book (emphasis added):

We are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to interview Bruce Pascoe on Country, helping us understand the physical and written evidence of a people who, for thousands of years, had an organised, innovative and considered use of land that supported bountiful cultural economies. This is not the history I learned in the 1980s or, I suspect, that some have learned in the 1990s. This collection is not just a resource for school students, it is a resource for all Australians.

ABC Education’s take on the Goodes saga is even more pernicious in destroying kids’ pride in the Australian settlement. It substitutes agitprop for historical inquiry and balance while wittering about “teaching truths [and also Pascoe material]  in the classroom”.[6]

The ABC doesn’t spare pre-schoolers and bubs from its blitz. Its lessons focus on Stan Grant’s Australian Dream. It has five core lessons and teachers’ guides for each year from pre-school to Year 6. In high school the lesson portfolio expands to a dozen, and one of the items has 11 sub-units.

One lesson (pre-school upwards) is titled “Teach Aboriginal history and truths in the classroom” and opens,

From 1850 until the 1960s, under Australia’s various state protection laws, Aboriginal people were driven off their lands and gathered into specific missions, reserves and stations…Between 1910 and 1970Indigenous children – particularly children with lighter skin colour– were taken from their familiesin order to remove them from their culture and people. Babies were takenfrom hospitals, from mothers on the missions, and from churches and schools without their families’ permission.[7]

The distortions here are horrific, such as omitting the dominant child-protection element of removal policy.[8] Only one child, Bruce Trevorrow, has ever been found judicially to have been ‘stolen’. The stealing was contrary to SA Government policy and he was awarded $775,000. The ABC also provides kids with a six-minute video that is even more inflammatory than the text.

Who writes this stuff? Here’s the ABC Education attribution (my emphasis):

The Australian Dream education resources were written by Aboriginal education specialists Shelley Ware and Thara Brown for Culture Is Life – an Aboriginal organisation that deepens connections and belonging by backing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander solutions

There is not even a pretence of objectivity!

Another of the ABC lessons for primary classes (from pre-school), is titled Aboriginal customs like the war cry need to be embraced as part of Australian cultureThis was about Goodes’ 2015 spear-throwing dance at Carlton fans. It was an Aboriginal “custom” dating all the way back to 2009.

As is now standard in school practice, ABC Education’s final goal is to turn kids into activists:

As educators, you recognise the impact young people can have in creating change in the world. All they need is a platform or an opportunity to be heard[9] Many Australians stood with Adam Goodes, letting him know they valued his leadership and efforts to stop racism. ..

Invite students to share their voice and visions for Australia. If possible, what would you say to all Australians?…Students can do further research about how past and present government policies have affected and continue to affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people today… If students feel safe to do so, they can share the visions of their Australian dream with their class, friends, family or community. This takes courage and vulnerability, but it emphasises that their voice is important, regardless of their age, background and experiences.

Yeah, right, to improve Australian society we need 9-year-olds’ worldly wisdom from classrooms infected by the ABC’s social justice warriors.

It’s the same with Cool Australia. Dozens of its provided lessons on Goodes aim at turning kids into pro-Aboriginal activists and campaigners, often using their own school for target practice:

Students will conduct a class-based audit to assess how well their school is combating racism, bullying, discrimination and harassment. After envisioning a world free from racism, bullying, discrimination and harassment, students consider possible improvements to the school’s policies and craft a letter to the school principal, outlining their proposal.

The premise of Cool Australia’s 52 lessons is that the booing of Adam Goodes during his 2014-15 seasons with Sydney Swans was racist. Cool Australia and The Final Quartersuppress or undermine the contrary claim: that Goodes earned the booing by provocative behaviour, or in the blunt words of media pundit Sam Newman at the time, “because you’re acting like a jerk”.

The critiques by Swans haters is that Goodes “staged” or play-acted for free kicks. He outed and humiliated a 13-year-old girl who called him an “ape” while being innocently unaware of the racial context. Then he mimed throwing a spear at Carlton supporters, who responded in their own tribal way. And Goodes used his “Australian of the Year” podium through 2014 to whinge about whites’ historical and current oppression/maltreatment of Aborigines. (To load the dice, Cool Australia often omits the crucial incident with the teen girl).[10]

The Cool Australia and ABC lessons besmirch Australian history of settlement by omitting all favorable and compassionate colonial dealings with Aboriginals.[11] Instead the narrative fosters endless grievance and relentless claims for special benefits. Worst is their studied brainwashing of schoolkids, under the aegis of the Labor-designed “cross-curricula priority” of “Aboriginality”. This priority is to be shoe-horned into all lessons – even maths: one boomerang plus two boomerangs equals three boomerangs.[12]

Cool Australia’s broadest agenda is to undermine capitalism via net-zero CO2 emissions, and use multi-culturalism to denigrate our Western liberal heritage – evinced by Cool Australia’s promotion to kids of Canadian anarchist/nutter Naomi Klein, and encouragement of asylum-seekers. Cool Australia’s materials flood into 8400 primary and secondary schools or 90 per cent of the Australian total. Nearly half teachers use the lessons. They downloaded 2.1 million lessons last year.[13] See here for the details.

There is no real-world evidence that Australians are a racist lot. Among us are a tiny number of nasty and/or stupid racists, but they are no more significant than the odd criminal or Marxist academic. Reconciliation Australia’s own survey barometer shows the Aboriginal industry’s reputation is declining, even among its own constituents. Asked in 2018 if Aborigines are responsible for their own disadvantage, 33 per cent of Aboriginals agreed, up from 24 per cent in 2016. Only 41 per cent disagreed, down from 51 per cent in 2016. Among non-Aboriginals, the proportion is 35 per cent agree and 32-33 per cent disagree. The rest don’t know. In other words, Aboriginals are increasingly agreeing the buck stops with them, not with governments or “historical colonial oppressors”.

In terms of grievance-mongering, the proportion of Aboriginals agreeing that “wrongs of the past must be rectified before all Australians can move on” has dropped in two years from 44 per cent to 40 per cent. Among non-Aboriginals, only 28 per cent agree. The bad side of the report card is that 33 per cent of Aboriginals in 2018 reported experiencing at least one form of verbal racial abuse in the prior six months , down from 37 per cent in 2016.

Reconciliation Australia’s surveys might well involve some contestables. A less vested group is the World Values Survey, benchmarking among countries. Its 2018 run found only 3.9 per cent of Australians don’t want people of a different race living next door (for whatever reasons), compared with 2.7 per cent of New Zealanders – who live with a large and respected Maori minority. Eighty percent of Australians want their children when at home to learn tolerance and respect for other people (NZ 83 per cent). About 10 per cent of Australians don’t want people speaking a different language to live next door – for whatever reasons.

The findings generally give the lie to Cool Australia’s classroom shtick. It has no cause nor rationale for nudging kids to lead us into racial virtue.

When the local Daily Mail polled readers whether the booing of Goodes was racist, more than 60 per cent said it wasn’t. Sam Newman wrote, “Criticising someone from another race doesn’t make you a racist. The groveling doco by Sharkshit Productions ‘The Final Quarter’, should be ‘The Last Straw’.”[14]

Ex-Labor iconoclast Mark Latham tweeted,

It’s all blah, blah, blah, in the absence of any evidence whatsoever that the booing of Goodes was about his race. Just because the elites, from the comfort of clink-clink corporate boxes, think footy fans in the outer are racist deplorables does not make it true. Fast Forward to 2045 at the ABC: ‘Today we are launching our 39th film on the Booing of Adam Goodes, who retired 30 years ago, sure, but this time we have really nailed it, showing the racism our 38 earlier films didn’t quite prove’. Always Biased Crap.” 

It is significant that Goodes says that until the girl called him an ape, “I had not been racially abused for eight years and it just rocked me.”[15]

Pretending to give a rounded account, Cool Australia typically sets up columnist Andrew Bolt and Sydney radio pundit Alan Jones for kids to boo and hiss, rather than, say, ex-PM Howard or chair of the Institute of Public Affairs and ex-ABC director Janet Albrechtsen. In a lesson headed by Cool Australia as “Media Watch debunking Andrew Bolt”, kids are directed to a clip of The Final Quarter showing Bolt criticising Goodes for singling out the 13-year-old Collingwood barracker. ABC’s Paul Barry asks, “But is that really true?” Barry does agree Goodes singled the girl out [Goodes: “I just turned around and I said to the security guard, “I want her out of here. When I looked at the person I could see it was a kid.”][16] Barry then runs clips of Goodes excusing her as innocently racist. But Goodes continued to demand an apology from her. “Yeah OK sorry for that,” she tells him by phone on TV. She had turned 13 only five days earlier – it was quite a transition from childhood. Barry and the Human Rights Commission virtue-signallers ignore her genuine human rights and privacy after she was shown on TV, named (“J—“), and shamed to the world. In Goodes’ words, “Racism had a face last night, it was a 13-year-old girl.” Even 13-year-old murderers are not publicly identified: diminished culpability and all that.

According to her mother, J— “doesn’t get out that much…She’s only a 13-year-old little girl. This has been taken way out of proportion.” The mother was angry that security men handed J— to police, who grilled her for two hours without parent or guardian present. This was infamous, even by current Victoria Police standards, as shooting fancy-dress revellers in a nightclub, encouraging false testimony against a cardinal or failing to proecute Premier Daniel Andrews’ red-shirted Labor rorters. J— herself said, “It was kind of a joke and then he heard it.” Her schoolmates and the town’s people could identify her. As a young adult she’s now being exposed again through The Final Quarter and Grant’s Australian DreamFinal Quarter at least blurs J—‘s face. Stan Grant’s film does not, in fact it lingers on her face in four takes (from 40.00mins). However, Grant’s film is more honest than Darling’s Final Quarter because it gives the mother and daughter a hearing, and Andrew Bolt is allowed to make his points about it.

In Final Quarter, Bolt gets more swipes in another clip pushing constitutional change. Sarah Harris, presenter of Studio 10 on Channel 10, shows Goodes complaining that the Constitution doesn’t refer to pre-1788 Aborigines and urging kids to support the Recognise treaty lobby. Goodes says, “We have a great opportunity as a nation right now to do something that is right, and help change the next 200 years of our history.”

Sarah Harris continues, “Bolt says the campaign could divide us all and make the Constitution racist” before dropping her role as presenter to snicker at Bolt’s claims. Final Quarter adds sinister music to headline grabs from Bolt’s columns, like “Our constitution is not racist and Goodes and his supporters will only make it so”.

 The clip finishes with Goodes and schoolkids – some as young as five or six – raising their fists to disavow racism, thus emphasising the demarcation between Bolt and the ‘good guys’.

Collingwood Football Club president Eddie Maguire after the match rushed to console and support Goodes in the club room and deplore the girl’s taunt. But a week later on air he jokily suggested Goodes should market the King Kong musical.[17] The ABC and The Age, which had both reeled at the 13-year-old’s alleged “racism”, both described Maguire’s joke merely as a “gaffe”. Maguire grovelled, was despatched to counsellors, and there was no suggestion he forfeit his prestigious jobs. “People don’t resign because they make a slip of the tongue. It’s as simple as that,” he explained. Thus a 50-year-old media veteran’s extended joke about King Kong on Triple M Breakfast was a forgivable gaffe, but a barely 13-year-old’s unknowing shout of “ape” during the footie match was an unmitigated ‘racist slur’.

Another use of film’s deceptions involves Reconciliation Australia preaching that average Australians are ignorant mugs about Aborigines. The lobby’s short film “Don’t keep history a mystery” is a rapid fire of put-downs of “average” whites mixed with dubious or false claims about Aboriginals. It begins with a beer-gutted ocker at the footie boasting that our white civilisation invented utes “and has the tastiest coat of arms in the world” – as if we snack daily on emus and roos. (Leftist wit on display). He doesn’t mention democracy, social welfare or equality under law. He gets a pile-on from virtuous Aborigines and woke whites. A sassy and attractive Aboriginal woman corrects him, “There is also a bit you don’t know. We have the oldest surviving culture on earth”. In reality traditional culture died out 100-200 years ago when the old men ceased passing down creation stories to youths who had refused the painful initiations.

A smug woke white says Aboriginal culture is “even older than the Greeks”, implying it surpassed Greek learning. Others chime in about Aboriginal “inventions”. They include “grass growing machines” (audio not clear) and “the first-ever bakers”. An Aborigine eats a pie to give us the idea. These wild claims about grass-cropping and bakers come from the fake history of bogus blackfella Bruce Pascoe. An Aboriginal footballer arrives to claim they were “the first ever Aussie footballers”, a nonsense as historian Geoff Blainey attests.[18]

Another white cranks up the grievance, “It is a culture that has survived centuries of pretty average treatment”. (No mention of positive aspects). Their message is that the average ocker is an imbecile. This one minute inflammatory exercise originally attracted a host of angry comments on YouTube, suggesting Reconciliation Australia is hardly living up to its name.

Critics say Goodes’ complaints about victimhood looked odd coming from a highly paid player. His late-seasons paypackets have attracted little media curiosity. The only estimates I’ve seen are from anonymous online commenters mentioning $900,000 yearly. Goodes was a match-winner for the Sydney Swans, including one of the two clinching goals in its 2012 Premiership win. He would have to have been in the top salary tier. Pay for elite players first topped $500,000 in 2000, and the $900,000 mark was hit in 2006. There would be a fair chance Goodes from 2000-11 did $500,000 or better.

Goodes also had a fair chance of being in the millionaire-average club from 2012 to his final year 2015, as suggested by the following data. The number of players earning $1m-plus is documented by the AFL as 2012: 8; 2013: 5; 2014: 2; 2015: 4; 2016: 6. Two of the 2015 millionaires were widely identified as Gold Coast captain Gary Ablett and West Coast ruckman Nic Naitanui. The other two were mystery men. Goodes’ colleague at the Swans, Buddy Franklin, was said to have earned only $700,000 in 2015 but his contract had positive back-ending.

Apart from Goodes’ salary, his endorsements have included Campbell’s Chunk Soup (2006), AFL ads (2007 and 2009), and Powerade (2014). In 2015 he became and remains a David Jones stores “Brand Ambassador”, and from 2013 he’s also been a Qantas “Ambassador”, certainly until 2018. As mentioned, he’s also been a generous benefactor of Aboriginal child causes.

Whatever the criticisms of Adam Goodes, he’s entitled to his views and others are entitled to disagree with him. What is not acceptable is leftist groups like Cool Australia and the ABC using him to batter kids with their divisive agendas. As an inquiry report was once headlined, “Little Children are Sacred” and that includes 13-year-old white country kids at the footie.

Tony Thomas’s new book, Come To Think Of It – essays to tickle the brain, is available here as a book ($34.95) or an e-book ($14.95) 

[1] Teachers log in to access the material

[2] “Specialist lessons will achieve the best results when THE FINAL QUARTER documentary is introduced as a topic across the curriculum. This requires planning among multiple teachers and across specialist streams.”

[3] “Hand out one sticky note to each student and invite them to write an issue that they feel strongly about. E.g. Climate Change, Gambling, Refugees, Human Rights, Community Health, Homelessness, Illness, Crime.” Apart from the brainwashing, I think movie-making is technically too complex for 99% of kids.

[4] “With substantive constitutional change and structural reform, we believe this ancient sovereignty can shine through as a fuller expression of Australia’s nationhood…We seek constitutional reforms to empower our people and take a rightful place in our own country.”

[5] “Reconciliation is an ongoing journey that reminds us that while generations of Australians have fought hard for meaningful change, future gains are likely to take just as much, if not more, effort… “Reconciliation” includes “the unique rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are recognised and upheld. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are self-determining. Our rights as First Australians are not just respected but championed in all the places that matter. Australia’s colonial history is characterised by devastating land dispossession, violence, and racism. There is widespread acceptance of our nation’s history. Australia makes amends for past policies and practices.”

[6] The ABC offers classes 20 films involving Pascoe at last count, starting with 6-year-olds.

[7] Pascoe Braun on March 3 posted on this ABC page, “I find parts of this offensive, I’m a SG [Stolen Generation] Survivor and I never lost my culture and connections, don’t make sweeping generalisations.”

[8] Keith Windschuttle’s Fabrication of Aboriginal History – the Stolen Generations 1881-2008, Macleay Press Sydney 2009, 630 pages, provides the facts.

[9] Emphasis in original

[10] “During the last three years of his career, Goodes was named Australian of the Year, accused of staging for free kicks, and performed an on-field war dance celebration. When the football crowds turned on him, the Brownlow medallist left his beloved game.” [Note there is no reference here to the 13yo]

[11] In SA, for example, the archival primary material can be inspected at and in Crooks, Alistair and Lane, Joe, Voices from the Past. Extracts from the annual reports of the SA Chief Protectors of Aborigines, 1837 Onwards. Hoplon, Adelaide, 2016. Forward by Tony Thomas.

[12] It is not clear how obligatory this is, but to be safe, teachers need to err on the woke side

[13] Cool Australia Impact Report, 2019

[14] Newman is riffing on the film’s maker Shark Island Productions.

[15] The Australian Dream, at 41mins.


[17] Maguire said: “Get Adam Goodes down for it, do you reckon?” before adding: “You can see them doing that can’t you? Goodsey. You know with the ape thing, the whole thing, I’m just saying pumping him up and mucking around, all that sort of stuff.”

[18] The game was codified in 1859 and, according to some accounts, based on rugby at English public schools. Others posit that Tom Wills, genuinely regarded as the father of the code, was inspired more by the “village football” matchesShow your supportDonate Now

  • pgang – 1st October 2020In his early days Goodes was an exciting and inspiring footballer to watch. At the end he just became unwatchable and a part of everything that is wrong with the AFL.
  • padraic – 1st October 2020Thank you Tony for bringing to light the role of the ABC in brainwashing our kids with leftist nonsense, I was surprised some years ago when my primary school grand daughter came home and began work on the computer. Thinking she was not doing her homework I asked what she was up to. She explained that she was doing homework set by her teacher but had to log in to an ABC education website (using a password). She had to comment on a short essay about mining which contained the usual Green hysteria about mining. I was stunned. Firstly, why was the ABC allowed to produce such material for school use and secondly why was the Education Department allowing it to happen? It was a far cry from the time when people voted in a government who nominated ministers to be in charge of departments who were responsible for the functions assigned to them. I thought the ABC was a “broadcaster” who told adults the news of the day. Whoever allowed them to exceed this remit is dangerous and spineless. The ABC is not a department in the traditional sense of the word. It is the responsibility of the education department to design the school syllabus and for the teachers to teach that syllabus. The department in this respect is answerable to the Minister and the Minister is answerable to the voters. That’s how democracy used to work and ministers were supposed to reflect the values of those who voted them in. This is another example where the system has been “captured” by non-elected people. We are seeing more and more of this – we elect people to Parliament who are appointed Ministers – Ministers bypass their departments (“outsourcing”) to give work to private concerns like international law firms or accounting firms or “independent Commissions” staffed by activist lawyers. The decisions of Parliament itself are now subject to control by various non-elected semi-judicial bodies outside the High Court. The recent Narrabri gas project is a case in point – first of all the relevant NSW department does not make the decision – that is done by the “Independent Planning Commission” and this decision, according to today’s Australian newspaper, can still be subject “to a judicial review”. In the past if a political decision was good it was the Minister who got the kudos, if it was bad the Department copped the blame. These days, as we have seen recently in Victoria under this new paradigm, no-one gets the blame, so it’s left up to law firms of a certain persuasion (and funded by US litigation funder corporations) to make some money out of the situation with class actions. Let’s get back to the original democratic model of Ministers running departments who carry out the government’s programs themselves and put the ABC back into its broadcasting box.
  • Elizabeth Beare – 1st October 2020I don’t appreciate any sort of football, wasn’t raised to it, and that shows. My husband sparked my interest a few years back telling me about this great aboriginal footballer who was top of the game, and I said I’d watch a game he was in. Then this ‘great’ guy monstered a thirteen year-old girl for a comment that she would never regard as racist – just bit of football riff, where she may not even have known nor cared that he was aboriginal. VicStasi, showing early their true colours that we see daily now, grilled this young girl for hours without a guardian present and her photograph was put up under the term ‘racist’ in the mass media. Now the same thing is happening to her again with these films, and she lives in a small town where she is easily recognised.Goodes, in my opinion, should have immediately smoothed the situation by apologising to the girl, giving her a complimentary seasons ticket, and had his smiling photograph taken with her. That would have been the decent Aussie thing for a wealthy sports star to do. He didn’t do it, and he’s totally lost me over that since then. And I suspect many people felt as I did, and felt it even more when he did the spear attack stuff. He was catcalled because of these incidents, not because of ‘racism’. I was looking forward to getting to see a good sportsman, like many other aboriginal sportsmen. I didn’t see one in Goodes.I am sorry if he has endured genuine racism when growing up or in sport. The evidence overwhelmingly is that Australians today have no time for it and will shun anyone who is clearly racist, in the sense that the word once carried – that is, of intentionally and with malice attributing facets of a person’s character or behaviour to the colour of their skin or to their cultural or genetic inheritance. In my view, Goodes has been hypersensitive to ‘offence’, another thing entirely.
  • Dave Carter – 1st October 2020Yep I have to agree “pgang”, and respectfully Tony, I think you’ve missed the obvious in titling this piece with reference to staging, but saying that Goodes somehow “retired prematurely.
    I don’t follow the Swans closely, but it was plain that Goodes had become what John MacEnroe called “a step slow”- being suddenly but unmistakably outpaced by fresher opponents in one-on-one contests. This turned on the staging- the collapses to the ground, the two arms outheld- the cries to the umpire- that very quickly led to the crown turning on him. Footy is rough, even from the stands, and the ridiculous war dance spear throw, to a knot of Blues supporters who were being crushed by an ascendant Sydney and mulling on their loss of Coach and Brownlow-winning captain, was catastrophically bad grace.
    I believe that his own fallibility was creeping up on his aging body and unsustainable self-belief. A correction was always going to come. But he did not retire early- indeed he did not retire anywhere near early enough. A year or two earlier, he would almost certainly be cast in bronze somewhere now.
  • young bill – 2nd October 2020I don’t get this Adam Goodes thing at all. I believe he has an Aboriginal mother and an Irish father. Is he ashamed of his white heritage?
  • lbloveday – 2nd October 2020“Is he ashamed of his white heritage?”.
    As Obama seems to be – always referred to himself as “Black” or “Of Colour” despite having a white mother.
  • deric davidson – 2nd October 2020Just pointing out the fact that the aboriginal footballer who rebuked a football crowd by lifting his jumper and pointing to his skin was St Kilda player Nicky Winmar NOT Adam Goodes. The artist has plagiarized Winmar’s action and attributed it in the painting to Goodes! False attribution! and Goodes needs to acknowledge this if he has any sense of decency, specifically involving another aboriginal player. But then again Winmar is into BLM big time so I don’t really care.
  • Tony Thomas – 2nd October 2020Thanks Deric but Goodes did do the jumper-lifting-and-pointing thing as a staged event for the cameras, so there are two (at least) versions.
  • Dave Carter – 2nd October 2020Three versions, Tony!
    The original version was Winmar after a tenacious goal, stickin’ it up a small cadre of Collingwood fans on the boundary fence who had called him “gutless”. Rather than the obvious rejoinder of calling them “toothless” in return, he gave what I reckoned was a pretty concise and physically menacing reply- with a flat and focused gaze.
    The racism claim came later- the fans were officially pushed down the memory hole by Collingwood- the guernsey auction (much later) was passed in, which I’d like to think was a reminder that the man on the street has a longer memory than the thought police might wish them to.
  • Peter OBrien – 3rd October 2020My (unpublished) letter to The Australian:This year’s Archibald prize winner resembles nothing so much as a mural painted on an outback dunny by the local primary school kids. All it lacks is a flock of galahs representing the misfits who made this award.

Leigh Sales and her Hopeless Hackery

Tony Thomas

Leigh Sales on the ABC TV’s 7.30 last night Sept 16) “interviewed” Donald Trump’s former press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Sales packed into eight minutes all conceivable ABC bias, venom and hatred of a US President now polling 51 per cent, according to the latest Rassmussen, profile of the electorate — a figure reflecting support before the signing of  the twin Israeli peace deals with UAE and Bahrain.  No wonder the ABC experts all got the 2016 Trump election wrong, and they might get another nasty surprise in November. That’s what happens when Sales and her ilk isolate in their Trump-derangement cocoon.

In 100 per cent “gotcha” questioning, Sales called Sanders every kind of liar, sleaze and religious hypocrite. Sanders should have walked off but instead took on the compere.  She blasted back at the mainstream media and its pro-Democrat lies, epitomised by the media’s two years of phony Russia-collusion scoops. Sales’ ABC pal, Sarah Ferguson, with her three-part bombshell-that-wasn’t “story of the century” in 2018 has been among those pushing the fakery.

Sales had no answer to Sanders’ riposte and continued to read from her vituperative question-list. After suggesting Sanders was a ratbag for about the fourth time in under eight minutes, Sales had the gall to demand that Sanders in reply stick to her questions-cum-accusations.

Sales, the ABC’s $400,000-or-so princess, has previously spent interview-time licking the toes of now-disgraced anti-Trumpers James Comey the FBI chief (19/4/18), Hillary Clinton(May 14, 2018), and only last week, octogenarian actress Jane Fonda, who began bawling on camera while contemplating the death of this heat-ravaged planet as global warming  does its worst. Rather than a sympathetic interviewer keen to promote such alarmist nonsense, the one-time exercise queen would have been better off chatting to a qualified medical professional.

But back to Sanders, whom Sales quizzed about Trump’s notorious ‘pussy-grabbing’ comment of 2005,  but  she didn’t put questions to Hillary along similar lines. Had she done so, the exchange would have gone like this:

“Why did you organise a defence of your husband Bill based on calling his rape-accusers ‘nuts and sluts’, and how did you feel when you learnt your Presidential husband had inserted a cigar into a young intern’s vagina in the Oval Office?”

Those questions would have been followed up with the reprimand barked at Sanders,

“Mrs Clinton, you are not addressing my questions.”

Here’s a sample of the actual interview:

LEIGH SALES: Somebody who has watched 30-plus years of your career would see extreme hours, high pressure, sexism, relentless public attacks, loss of privacy…

HILLARY CLINTON (laughs): Ooh, sounds pretty horrible, doesn’t it? (Laughs)

SALES (laughs): Well, and then, you know: also at the end a brutal exit.


SALESWhat would you say to people who look at your experience and go: “Well, there’s just… it’s not worth it: going into public life.”

Similarly, Sales has launched no follow-up of her political infatuation with James Comey to disclose his mis-use and lying about the fake “Steele [Russian pee] dossier”.  Comey  used the dossier to enable FBI spying on the Trump 2015 election campaign, and also authorised the entrapment of now-vindicated Trump executive Lt Gen Michael Flynn. That was the Deep State in action.

Sales’ interview of climate hysteric Jane Fonda was also deeply respectful, even when her guest lamented that she had only one servant in her $US5.4m Los Angeles mansion.

SALES: Because of your activism, you’ve attracted plenty of controversy. A lot of people dislike you; they have strong opinions about you. Has that been hard to take?”

Now let’s get specific. Sales’ first question to Sanders was:  “Can Donald Trump tell the difference the truth and a lie?” The basis for Sales’ insult was that the Washington Post claims to have fact-checked presidential statements and found some 20,000 alleged lies by the President. It didn’t occur to Sales that WaPo, with The New York Times, has proudly thrown objectivity overboard to help Biden oust Trump.

Sales next question was another beaut:

This isn’t from the media, this is from General Colin Powell, the US Secretary of State during the last Republican administration; ‘He has not been an effective President. He lies all the time. He began lying the day of the Inauguration, and I don’t think that’s in our interest. The situation in 2020 has gotten worse.’

Fact Check on Sales: Republican Powell? Come off it, lady. Powell is the John Hewson of American politics, the liberal touted by progressives as a conservative. Powell endorsed Barack Obama’s presidential bids in 2008 and 2012 and boasted of voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016. He has pledged to vote for Biden in November and is campaigning hard against Trump. Please mention all this next time you trot out Powell as your Republican source.

Third question from Sales:

Let me give you an example from yesterday in a discussion about the California wildfires. The State Secretary for Natural Resources pointed out America has recently recorded some of its hottest temperatures on record and that is a factor in the severity of the fires, along with land management.  The President replied, ‘It will start getting cooler.’ The Secretary replied, ‘I wish science agreed with you.’ The President then replied, ‘I don’t think science knows actually.’

Was that a display of lying, ignorance or insanity?

While Sales is a lioness tackling an ex-press secretary across the seas, I can’t imagine her similarly clawing Premier Dan Andrews, for example, about his lie — one of so very, very many — that curfews were medically recommended: ‘Mr Andrews, was that a display of lying, ignorance or insanity?’[ii] In any event, Sales’ question to Sanders was not genuinely seeking an answer. It merely involved an ABC tax-paid reporter getting up on her soapbox, to the applause of her in-house coterie.

Second of all, as the Americans say, Sales makes a fool of herself with her climate assumptions.   California, like the rest of the planet, has warmed 1degC or a bit more in the past 100 years. Of that, only some fraction is anthropogenic warming. In California especially, the “heat island effect” has grown with the state’s development.[iii] Where sites have stayed obstinately rural, temperatures have shown much less rise than 1degC. It is ridiculous to cite a puny, human-caused heating of under 1degC in a century as the cause of the wildfires when lax forest management was admitted this week by California’s Governor himself. 

Third, no-one knows the future and if Trump says we’ll get cooling, there’s ample scientific justification, including the sunspot impact on climate being now the weakest since the Dalton Minimum in the Little Ice Age in late 18th century. The warmist scientists never predicted the warming hiatus after 2000, and they might (or might not) be wrong again. Warming predictions are based on models prone to the garbage-in/garbage-out syndrome, as with COVID-19 models.  Sales might be astounded by Trump’s statement, “I don’t think the science knows, actually” but any honest  scientist would give Trump five stars.

Sales next question or speech ran like this:

So to believe you, somebody watching this interview has to believe that every former senior member of the Trump administration who has left and spoken of his unfitness to lead has an axe to grind, that every former senior Republican who has spoken out, from Colin Powell to the late John McCain, has an axe to grind, and then all of these life-long Republicans are in cahoots with the Democrats and they’re all also tied up in a conspiracy with the mainstream media and it’s the mainstream media that’s peddling lie after lie, not Donald Trump? That’s what you’re asking people to believe?

Powell, as I showed above, is very definitely “in cahoots with the Democrats”. As for McCain, Sales again fails to do her homework: Senator McCain was also “in cahoots” with the Democrats. In 2013 he was part of a “gang of eight” including Democrat senators who pursued soft policies on illegal immigrants, and in 2016 he joined Democrats in calling for the Russia-collusion inquiry into Trump. To cap it off, in 2017 he cast the pivotal vote with Democrats to block Trump’s repeal of Obamacare.

Next unpack: Sales can’t believe that Trump ex-executives would tittle-tattle to the media (she needs to get out more) and yes, the media (especially her ABC) does lie to defame Trump. Close to home, I caught out an ABC reporter lying that Trump had called COVID-19 a hoax, and the ABC corrections team agreed and posted a correction.[iv] Is she not even aware that an NYT staffer taped executive editor Dean Baquet lecturing staff a year ago, after an uproar because a sub-editor had used a neutral rather than an anti-Trump headline after a mass shooting:

It got trickier after [inaudible] … went from being a story about whether the Trump campaign had colluded with Russia and obstruction of justice to being a more head-on story about the president’s character. We built our newsroom to cover one [fake] story, and we did it truly well. Now we have to regroup, and shift resources and emphasis to take on a different story. I’d love your help with that.[v]

Baquet also remarked,

“What I’m saying is that our readers and some of our staff cheer us when we take on Donald Trump, but they jeer at us when we take on Joe Biden.” 

In other words, the Trump collusion beat-up flopped, so the NYT shifted to smearing Trump on other fronts, with the editor needing from reporters a further line of attack.

Next Sales question:

Your book makes it clear that you’re heavily guided by your Christian faith and family values. How do you reconcile that with having been the spokesperson for a President who has misled the American people on everything from coronavirus to climate change, who boasts about grabbing women on the pussy, who paid hush money to a porn star to keep her quiet about their alleged relationship and who has maligned the men and women of America’s armed forces?

SANDERS: Well, some of those things are just patently false.

SALES: They’re not actually.

[TONY THOMAS: They are false, actually].

Sales appears to refer to the Bob Woodward book allegations that Trump deliberately played down COVID-19. The top medico Dr Fauci denies that Trump misled the public.[vi]Trump also made numerous statements emphasising the virulency of the virus. Woodward’s claims are not only many months’ stale, but themselves misleading.

Pussy-grabbing talk? True. Hush money, true.  Maligning the armed forces? The “suckers and losers” alleged quotes were nothing but a Democrat/media hit job based on anonymous smears in the face of attributed denials by several/many senior people present at the time. Sales’ ABC pal David Lipson endorsed the anonymous smears on 7pm news and I’ve complained to the ABC about this bias (no response yet).

SALES TO SANDERS: I notice you’re not addressing the central premise of my question which is how somebody like Donald Trump squares with the values you espouse?

Sales using Sanders’ Christian faith as a stick to beat her with is disgusting. Her question, again, is not a question but a stump speech. As a thought-experiment, imagine Sales interviewing Joe Biden as follows: ‘Mr Biden, last March your staffer Tara Reade alleged you sexually assaulted her. We in the mainstream media have for years run cover for you over Reade’s claims but here’s what Wikipedia reports:

In a March 25, 2020, interview with Katie Halper, Reade alleged that Biden had pushed her against a wall, kissed her, put his hand under her skirt, penetrated her with his fingers, and asked, “Do you want to go somewhere else?”[12][36]Reade told National Public Radio(NPR) for an April 19 article, “His hands went underneath my clothing and he was touching me in my private areas and without my consent.”[36]Reade told The Intercept her impression was that Biden believed he had consent and was surprised when she rejected him.[37]Reade told The New York Times for an April 12 article that when she pulled away from Biden, he looked puzzled and said, “Come on, man, I heard you liked me.” She then said he told her “You’re nothing to me, nothing,” followed by “You’re OK, you’re fine.”[16]

Mr Biden, how do you reconcile such alleged behaviour, which has multiple corroborations, with your Catholic faith, and by the way, aren’t you in favor of abortion?

Here is Sales’ next question to Sanders (real):

After the FBI director, James Comey, was fired, as White House spokesperson you said that countless members of the FBI had told the Trump administration, they had no confidence in him.

Under oath to the Mueller investigation, you admitted that was not founded on anything, a slip of the tongue, and said, “In the heat of the moment.”

How often did you have those kinds of slips of the tongue, in the heat of the moment as White House spokesperson?

Sanders replied, acknowledging her mistake and apologising. “I had heard from a number of members of the FBI, both current and former, but I said I shouldn’t have used that particular word [countless].”

Sales in mid-sentence did her own “slip of the tongue” in the “heat of the moment” – Sanders corrected Sales that she was not “under oath” to the investigation, but giving a “voluntary interview”. She has consistently clarified that she should have referred to “some” rather than “countless” FBI officials. 

My focus in this piece has been on Sales’ interviewing rather than Sanders’ responses. To read full transcript, click here.

Tony Thomas’s new book, Come To Think Of It – essays to tickle the brain, is availablehereas a book ($34.95) or an e-book ($14.95) 

[i] She added soon after: You’re not addressing my point which is that he said that he thinks science doesn’t know that the planet is warming.

[iii] Paul Homewood discusses the heat data further here

[iv]  “ABC News accepts that the 14 March segment was in error by stating that Mr Trump called the coronavirus outbreak a hoax; it does appear that he was referring to the criticisms by the Democratic Party of the Federal Government’s handling of the coronavirus. As such, ABC News has posted a correction to the ABC’s Corrections & Clarifications page which reads: On 14 March, ABC TV News and the News Channel reported that President Trump had called Coronavirus a hoax. ABC News clarifies that it was criticisms by the Democratic Party of his handling of the crisis that he called a ‘hoax’.

[v] The original headline was “Trump Urges Unity Against Racism.”  Baquet said of the person who wrote the offending headline, “He’s sick. He feels terrible”. The headline was a mistake—“It was a f***ing mess,” Baquet told the staff—but joined other newsroom leaders in cautioning staff not to overreact to Twitter comments about the paper’s editorial decisions. The headline was rapidly changed to “Assailing Hate but Not Guns”, to inject some editorial animus.

[vi] Fauci did not get the sense that President Trump was “distorting anything” about the coronavirus. His conversations with the President, Fauci has said, were always “straightforward.”Show your supportDonate Now

  • Doubting Thomas – 17th September 2020Further evidence that Frank Sinatra’s famous description of his Australian media persecutors was perceptive, and that nothing much has changed in the half century since.
  • PT – 17th September 2020I well remember her fawning over Turnbull after he knifed Abbott in the back. She’s very unprofessional! Uhlmann should have gotten the job. He was far more professional and impartial despite his wife’s position. That the ABC chose her says much about the organisation.
  • Doubting Thomas – 18th September 2020She’s a near perfect clone of Maxine McKew whose orgasmic displays when interviewing ALP politicians should have been X-rated.
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From Washington, the Latest ABC Disgrace

The ABC’s coverage of Donald Trump on Saturday night was, as usual, spattered with bile. North American Correspondent David Lipson (above) on flagship 7pmTV News appeared to be competing for the Democrats’ laurels with colleagues Kathryn Diss and James Glenday, whose take on the election is similar. There is only one ABC narrative about Trump: he is a clown and a heartless villain, and Joe Biden is the world’s saviour.

Saturday’s Trump item is worth dissecting vis a vis the ABC’s impartiality charter. The item’s tone, snipping of material footage and deceptive content are what we viewers get nightly; it’s nothing unusual.

The item begins with the contemptuous placard, “Trump’s America”. The ABC never ran negative US material (such as the city riots of that era) with a placard “Obama’s America”, nor do I expect the ABC will re-write the placard as “Biden’s America” if Biden wins in November and Antifa continues to burn US cities.

Under Saturday’s heading the ABC writes: “Explosive allegations.” Wow, the ABC says this anonymous scuttlebutt is ‘explosive’ three times in one news piece. I recall that 100 or maybe 1000 of the ABC’s Russiagate stories for two years from anonymous officials were also “explosive” and/or “bombshells”. But as the Mueller report found, that whole munitions dump didn’t have the punch of a penny bunger

ABC policy is that some accomplishments of Trump can’t be ignored, like peace deals or record Black/Hispanic employment (pre-covid). Hence the ABC accounts must be dominated by some hostile  addition, no matter how puerile or phony.

In Saturday’s case Trump had secured an historic economic agreement between Serbia and Kosovo. The 1998-99 war there claimed about 14,000 victims and displaced about 1.5 million. Kosovo’s status remained indeterminate.  But Lipson and his ABC editors award Trump’s Serbia-Kosovo rapprochement 12 seconds, to be offset by 138 seconds for a tale of anonymous smears. These smears  claimed that Trump said US military dead were “suckers” and “losers”, and that Trump avoided a 2018 trip to Belleau Wood cemetery, a little over an hour’s drive from Paris, because rain might muss his hair.

Here’s how Lipson spins, and note his speedy and graceful pivot from the Kosovo agreement. We first see a formal Trump confirming agreements to normalise Serbia-Kosovo economic ties: “I am pleased to announce a truly historic commitment”. Lipson snarks, “… as another military stoush dominates the headlines [of the Trump-hating liberal media]… an explosive report in the [Trump-hating] Atlantic claiming the President labelled America’s war dead ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’.”

Cut to Trump saying, “No, it was a fake story”.

Lipson: “In Paris 2018 Donald Trump’s no-show on a commemoration ceremony was blamed on bad weather grounding his presidential chopper.[i] But four un-named sources claim the President was more concerned with his hair in the rain, telling senior staff, ‘Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers.’”

The ABC cuts to Trump: “It’s hoax, just like the fake dossier hoax and the Russia-Russia-Russia total hoax.”

This ABC technique is to evoke the MRDA response, i.e. Mandy Rice-Davies Applies –  ‘Well he would say that wouldn’t he!’ Lipson could have spliced in here Trump’s former National Security Adviser John Bolton demolishing the smears but that would leave Lipson with no story. So Bolton is kept till last in the ABC editing suite.

Another sly ABC trick is to snip and use from any Trump response just a few rhetorical phrases (“It’s a hoax”), and never let us know the substance. In this case here’s what the ABC might have quoted Trump, but chose not to:

What animal would say such a thing? And especially since I’ve done more, I think more than almost anybody, to help our military to get the budgets, to get the pay raises for our military. So I just think it’s a horrible thing that they are allowed to write that. We can refute it. We have other people that will refute it…they made it up. Probably it’s a couple of people that have been failures in the administration.

Not enough air-time for quoting Trump more fully? Don’t you believe it. Any 7pm bulletin has multiple minutes of pure piffle as though no time constraint exists.

The Atlantic’s story about Trump wimping out of the cemetery visit to preserve his hair-do is a meme the ABC and its media minions can’t let go, even though it was scotched at the time and scotched again in Bolton’s tell-all book last June, The Room Where it Happened: A White House memoir. Bolton wrote that the trip by the presidential Marine One helicopter was called off because of weather concerns, and driving was not an option because it could have taken up to four hours for the round trip, much of it in traffic-choked Paris where the President could be boxed in. “The press turned cancelling the cemetery visit into a story that Trump was afraid of the rain,” he wrote. Remember, author Bolton is  a Trump adversary, not backer.

But what if Bolton were mis-remembering? Nope. Documents were sought and rather surprisingly obtained, under US Freedom of Information. The key document to or from Marine One reads:

I made a bad WX call for today’s lift. We have a USAF weather SNCO at Belleau Wood and have been in contact with the French as well as Presidential Wx in the rear. We will not support today’s mission.

It is one thing for the ABC’s Lipson to retail scurrilous gossip that might be true. It is another thing, and irresponsible, for their ABC to give airtime to Leftist conspiracy memes that have been fully and publicly discredited.

ABC radio that Saturday also did a 10-minute ‘report’ on the “suckers and losers” anonymous claims. The piece at least had the decency to give Trump perhaps 20 seconds to respond. But who did it choose to interview about Trump? Bruce Wolpe, former Democrat operative and Julia Gillard’s chief of staff, who (surprise!) delivers Democrat talking points. The ABC’s bias hides in plain sight. One reality is that Trump has increased defence spending each year after Obama cut military spending, cut troop numbers and even created shortages in military spare parts. David Lipson, please note.

Some questions are relevant (but it would never occur to the ABC types to ask them):

# The leakers are reportedly top military and administration types who left Trump’s employ or were sacked. If they’re so big on military honor and personal ethics, why won’t they step up and put their names to the leaks?

# If Trump’s allegedly shocking comments were made in late 2018, why have those former high-rankers chosen to leak them only now, a couple of months from the election?

# The media is already rowing back from half the purported scandal. Reporters are now saying Trump used the word “suckers” in relation to Viet servicemen on a different occasion. (Bad, of course, if true).  What credibility does this leave for The Atlantic’s purported Belleau Woods expose, which included, “In a separate conversation on the same trip, Trump referred to the more than 1,800 marines who lost their lives at Belleau Wood as ‘suckers’ for getting killed.”

# Since the calumny by leakers about Trump not wanting wet hair at the cemetery is indisputably a crock, what credibility do the leakers retain?

But let us return to 7pm, which saw Lipson continue:

The report also claims that the president told staff to exclude amputee veterans from a military parade because ‘nobody wants to see that’,[ii] and that he strongly resisted honoring the death of war hero and Senator John McCain  whom he had clashed with before.

The claim about McCain could be part-true but not the whole truth. The pair were sworn political foes — McCain was one of the first to shop the spurious Russiagate dossier about Washington, and it was his solitary vote which scuttled Trump’s bid to repeal Obamacare. The causes for enmity notwithstanding,  Trump did honor the deceased McCain by flying his casket and family to Washington on the equivalent of Air Force 2.

Lipson:  Candidate Biden, whose own son served in the military, labelled the commentsdisgusting.

Note that to the ABC, the comments are no longer “allegations” but comments of fact. I never did any fancy journalism course at Melbourne University’s Centre for Advancing Journalism, but somehow I still picked up quite early that the word “alleged” should be attached to derogatory claims about persons, until verified. I’ve put in a complaint to the ABC about its failure to say “alleged”.

Lipson next cut to Biden, who appears to say: “These statements are true. The President should humbly apologise to every Gold Star mother and father.” Biden actually said, “Ifthese statements are true …” I’m not claiming any ABC conspiracy here; Biden mumbles or swallows the ‘if’. But Lipson and/or the ABC didn’t even try to clarify.

Lipson then interviews Khizr Khan via laptop. Mr Khan, whose son was killed in action in Iraq in 2004, says

The President’s words are a window to his soul.  He can’t conceive a world where one person values someone else more than they value themselves, and that is our son’s life, that is the life of every soldier.

Khan took the podium at the 2016 Democrat convention to denounce Trump and then got saturation media sympathy when Trump responded in kind.[iii] Lipson trots Khan out again in support of the bogus allegations, rather than wasting ABC time fact-checking them.

Lipson resumes his snark, continuing to imply the “suckers and losers” allegations are true and discomfiting for Trump:

The President is in damage control, reversing a decision by the Pentagon to close a military newspaper.

Does Lipson magically know the President’s motives or is he just cut-and-pasting that stuff from the anti-Trump press?

The Atlantic story has now been corroborated by several other media outlets …

What? He must mean Associated Press, Washington Post and Fox News, who all did no more than repeat The Atlantic‘s initial and still unsubstantiated slur. None named their sources or provided documentation. Does Lipson know what “corroborate” means?[iv]  The Washington Post later quotes reporter Mollie Hemingway:

Reminder: it is literally impossible for anonymous sources to ‘confirm’ a report, particularly when the original report is based solely on anonymous sources. The same people can repeat claims to multiple reporters, of course, particularly when engaged in a campaign operation.

Lipson continues that the claims are, “denied by numerous White House officials past and present.” Why not name them? They were on the record, unlike anonymous smearers. One was Sarah Huckabee Sanders, then press secretary and taking part in the relevant discussion. “This never happened,” she said.

 “This is not even close to being factually accurate,” added Jordan Karem, the president’s personal aide at the time.

The Lipson item finally cuts to John Bolton: “I didn’t hear either of those comments or anything resembling them.”

Lipson omits that Bolton was present at the relevant discussion – this would have interfered with the ABC narrative. A non-ABC version of Bolton words goes like this

“I didn’t hear that. I’m not saying he didn’t say them later in the day or another time but I was there for that discussion.”

Lipson concludes: “As usual it is now a case of competing truths, and high stakes.”

So by this time the ABC is openly implying the smears are true, “without evidence” for this, as the ABC is wont to interject about allegations by Trump and Republicans. However untrustworthy the ABC is in its Trump coverage, Lipson is certainly right about the “high stakes” involved.

Tony Thomas’s new book, Come To Think Of It – essays to tickle the brain, is available hereas a book ($34.95) or an e-book ($14.95) 

[i] The cemetery involved the US dead of the Belleau Wood battle.

[ii] This could be recycling of a probably true story about Stalin circa 1946, ordering the roundup of disfigured Soviet veterans into the Gulag, because their begging and homeless state belied the Soviet paradise.

[iii] The Guardian called Khan’s Democrat podium speech “a seven-minute tour de force that became the emotional heart of one of the biggest weeks of the election campaign.” Trust the ABC to utilise Democrat operatives, however sad it must have been for Khan to lose his son.

[iv] Cambridge Dictionary: to addproofto an accountstatementidea, etc. with new informationShow your supportDonate Now

  • Peter Smith – 8th September 2020Thanks, Tony, for this account of ABC coverage. Personally, I can’t tune into the ABC without barfing so rely on conservatives with stronger stomachs. This particularly tall tale about Trump is not one of the Dems better efforts. It is ridiculous on its face. I wonder, in fact, whether there are four anonymous sources at all; whether there are any. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Atlantic report is simply made up in response to Trump’s latest resurgent polling numbers. It is important to understand that those on the left have no integrity. They will lie and cheat without a pang of conscience.
  • DG – 8th September 2020And yet most of the USA doesn’t know Australia exists! So why does the ABC bother?
  • Stephen Due – 8th September 2020The antipathy of the ABC to Donald Trump is extraordinary. Some people just have to have somebody to despise. It’s still not clear to me why the now-impoverished and increasingly lonely Australian taxpayer is expected to pay for the ABC. It simply duplicates all the other Left/Progressive/LBGT/Green/Woke media outlets. It’s the Women’s Weekly of the airwaves – every word is predictable. Why bother?
  • Lawrie Ayres – 8th September 2020What a great question Stephen. I fail to understand why our government continues to waste tax-payer’s money on the anti-conservative trash that is Ita Buttrose’s ABC. Surely the minister can remind the board of their obligations and if they fail to respond to sack them and appoint a board that will ensure the overrated and horrendously over funded ABC adheres to the charter.
  • Ian MacDougall – 8th September 2020“Lipson concludes: ‘As usual it is now a case of competing truths, and high stakes.’
    So by this time the ABC is openly implying the smears are true, ‘without evidence’ for this, … [etc]”
    It would appear to me that the notion of ‘competing truths’ (my emphasis in quote -IM) denotes that Lipson appears to have had too much postmodernism (PoMo) in his porridge up to now. While there can be any number of falsehoods, there can only ever be one truth; possibly discoverable. For the religious, it is known to God, and perhaps only to Him.
    President Harry Truman once said of Richard Nixon: “I don’t believe that the son of a bitch knows the difference between telling the truth and lying.” Unfortunately, politics attracts types like Nixon. If there was a difference between them on anything, I would believe Truman before I would believe ‘Tricky Dick’ Nixon.
    Politics also attracts types like Trump, and I would believe The Atlantic before Trump (aka Captain Bonespurs.)
    Trump, when not ‘pussygrabbing’ (his own term) talks to suit himself, and makes it up as he goes along. Politics unfortunately attracts types like him, and I would not want that pussygrabber talking to my grandchildren.
    But the people I pity most are those ‘conservatives’ who for whatever reason find it necessary to support Trump at all costs, as if the future of their world depended on it. To them I say: fear not. If enough Americans believe the account in The Atlantic about Captain Bonespurs (Senator John McCain’s term for him) calling American war dead ‘suckers and losers’, it will not be the end of America or the end of the world. It will not even be the end of Trump. But it will be the end of Trump’s presidency.
    Post-1776 America was a lighthouse of democracy, but I believe the Australian and NZ constitutions written in the late 19th C and in the light of the American experience, to be far superior to the American. If Trump was an Australian or NZ PM, by now a vote of no confidence would have brought his government down, and a successor would have been voted in straight away, no matter how many of his immediate supporters were rallying to his cause.
    And tomorrow would be another day; as it always is.
  • Tony Thomas – 9th September 2020Update: White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said during Friday’s press briefing that within hours of the article’s publication, 10 people “ went on the record debunking these lies – eight with firsthand knowledge, stating on the record one common truth: that this story is false; it never happened.”She added two new sources who refute the report to that list: former Deputy Chief of Staff Dan Walsh and Derek Lyons, staff secretary and counselor to the president.On Sunday, former Chief of Staff John Kelly’s aide also refuted the allegations. Former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Zach Fuentes told Fox News he was in the room for all of the conversations regarding the trip to the Aisne-Marne cemetery, and that he would know what was and wasn’t said.Fuentes told Breitbart that Kelly would not have tolerated such disdain for the armed forces, even from the president.“Honestly, do you think General Kelly would have stood by and let ANYONE call fallen Marines losers?” he told Breitbart.
  • Mr Johnson – 9th September 2020I expect the US media will drip feed these ‘explosive’ but anonymous scandals on a weekly basis now. I’m counting down the seconds until some woman falls out of a tree and says Tump raped her some time in the 80s.
  • Ian MacDougall – 9th September 2020The White House is circling its wagons. Those interested can read the original article: Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’
    subheaded The president has repeatedly disparaged the intelligence of service members, and asked that wounded veterans be kept out of military parades, multiple sources tell The Atlantic at the link below.
  • nfw – 9th September 2020I love this quote: Lipson: Candidate Biden, whose own son served in the military, labelled the comments disgusting.That would be the son who, witht he USN being under pressure from then Vice-President Biden, obtained a commission in the USN as a legal officer despite being past the age limit and was then thrown out for doing drugs. That point seems to be missing from Lipson’s statement.
  • nfw – 9th September 2020I look forward to Ian MacDougall’s comments on Bill I Didn’t Have Sexual Relations With That Woman Clinton and how he wasn’t thrown out, Don’t forget Hilary Clinton’s involvement in the Benghazi murders, her lies and the like. Imagine giving us a link to an avowed left wing lying piece of rubbish such as “The Atlantic” after the editor admitted the article was basically lies. Keep up.
  • Ian MacDougall – 9th September 2020nfw, (or whatever your real name is): references and links for your little rant?
  • Blair – 9th September 2020“f Trump was an Australian or NZ PM, by now a vote of no confidence would have brought his government down, and a successor would have been voted in straight away, no matter how many of his immediate supporters were rallying to his cause.”
    If Trump was (say ) a Liberal and elected as PM by Liberal members of Parliament and they thought as PM they could not win the next election, then they could elect a new PM ( like Turnbull and Morrison). Similarly for the ALP t(hey replaced Rudd and Gillard.)
    No vote of confidence brought a government down.
  • Blair – 9th September 2020“No vote of confidence brought a government down.”
    Oops. Should read: “No vote of no confidence brought a government down.”
  • en passant – 9th September 2020Welcome back Ian McBile.
    The comments have been quite civilised and factual until your return.
    Please return to the crypt where your lack of sense is more appreciated – and this time stay there. You are the covid-20 of sensible discussion and commentary.
  • Your review is awaiting approvalI’ve complained to the ABC for yet again trotting out the “explosive” smears last night:
    Program: 7pm news
    Program Date: 2020-09-03
    ABC Service\Network: ABC Television
    ABC Recipient: Audience & Consumer Affairs
    Subject: “explosive” smear about Trump
    Your Comments: In an item about Trump, Kathryn Diss refers to what she calls the “explosive” claims last week that Trump had called KIA US troops suckers and losers.
    This seems to be the fourth time on 7PM news (that I have seen) that your US reporters or editors here have called the anonymous smears “explosive”. See my earlier complaint this week and detailed analysis.
    Can Ms Diss explain why the anonymous smears are “explosive”? Surveys have shown Republicans are indifferent to these smears which on any sane analysis are a Democrat hit job without substance. Ten named sources have denied the smears and documentary evidence has backed them.
    The smears could only be “explosive” if true, and to date the cowardly smearers have remained anonymous and their story is full of holes.
    Could Gaven Morris please circulate a guidance note to ABC reporters not to implicitly endorse anonymous smears designed to influence imminent elections. In any event such reporting is contrary to ABC guidelines. Thanks.
    Further to my complaint 7am today, I now see that in a poll taken 2 days after the ‘losers and suckers’ anonymous smear, Trump’s approval rating hit a high since June:
    Trump’s job approval rating hit 47 percent in a Hill-HarrisX poll released Tuesday, his highest rating in the poll since June. how or why could the smear be “explosive”? For Diss to re-use the term merely shows her bias and the ABC bias. Please emphasise to reporters the ABC’s impartiality charter. Thanks.